Wednesday , August 4 2021

Carlos Percival: Thelma Pradin entered the room because he wanted to have a relationship with Juan Dreth

"Women wear a strip and if you say, 'What a nice ass, they send you a prisonerDamn me, they have nothing to do. After they take the victory in everything that The world is dominated by women, Everyone knows, "he told the Uruguayan newspaper Country.

As for the condemnation of Fardan Lederas, he claimed: "Adam and EveWho made Adam eat the apple? And since then they have not stopped. And now they're offended, and they're fucking, "Oh, he raped me 10 years ago in Nicaragua.. It does not mean that I defend this man, that I do not name him because he is an idiot. "

"That he should remember what happened in Nicaragua 10 years ago … That's not what to do. There's so much to do, so much to help, "he added." How do I believe? She went into the room, she did it because she wanted to have sex with him, Do it, I'm not a critic either, "he summed up in this regard.

Percival also justified the humor style of Capocomicus Jorge Purcell and Alberto OlmedoYouIf men can not laugh at women, what are we going to laugh about? Women can laugh at men if they want to, because no one will do anything to them. "

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