Wednesday , August 4 2021

China Releases Fashionable Debate: Does the Return Returns Low?

Friday, December 28,

A photo of China Suarez sparked a fashionable debate.

Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Gwen Stephanie, Christina Aguilera, are some of the celebrities that two decades ago made the Jin of shooting under inevitable commitment. Today, the nightmare of many and the dream of others, seems to have been fulfilled, after China Suárez will be the premiere of a certain model of low-rise jeans from your vacation in Punta del Este.

For those who look at the fashion from afar, it's just another Jann, and it would be even an exaggeration to know that the model produces love and hate. Arguments in favor: It adjusts the waist and does not tighten the abdomen, prolongs the torso. Against: shortened legs, does not help to disguise the extra pounds can leave unwanted parts in sight.

In the case of a jewelry store, China wore another low model in crocodile pattern, which combined with a white shirt tied and black shoes with details of silver appliqués. He let the sea climate make his hair in his hair. The Great Accessory? Inspired by Willy Wonka sunglasses.

Look at the picture:



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