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Christina's Judicial Concern and the Cuba Plan: K believe that Florence can stay months in Havana – 03/15/2019


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner flew to the Republic of Cuba early Thursday to accompany her daughter Florencia, who is in medical care in this country.

The report his lawyers presented to the judge, as Clarin said, indicates that Nestor and Christina's daughter suffers from a disease called lymphoma, that is, an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the legs that prevents movements in the limbs and difficulties in moving, such as being able to board a plane.

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But for the lower part, Kirchnerism are already talking about how Christina Kirchner Saved Florence. This is it, concerned about the progress of the reasons that the young woman retains with the judge, The former president's decision was that her daughter They settled in Cuba.

Fernandez de Kirchner is a senator and achieved The solidarity of all Peronism In the Senate before requests of Legal Of Judge Claudio Bono.

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His son, Maximo, is a national lieutenant and is also appointed, with protection and immunity in the case of an arrest warrant. but Florence has no privileges And this, revealing the former president, even more than its luck.

So things, The young woman's health problems led to the appropriate exit (or "The Cuban Plan") About the possibility that he would not return to Israel, Until the result is known Of the presidential election this year, where everything indicates that the struggle for the register will be between Mauricio Macri The current president – and Christina Kirchner, Argentine Representative.

Therefore, it was not surprising the emphasis and level of detail in which one of the authorized speakers of the former head of state spoke of the health problems of Florence.

Eduardo Valdes, the former Kirchner ambassador to the Vatican, spoke of it "Deep stress," anorexia "and" panic attacks ". To crown the story, Valdes said he saw Cristina "very battered" when she was told last Sunday that Florence's painting "was not right." However, Clarin later discovered that the lawyer Kirchner claimed that Florence suffered from Lymphedema to justify his departure and that of her mother – both Trial for corruption– Outside of the country.

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When he met the video in which Fernandez de Kirchner talks about her daughter and her decision to go to Cuba, Kirschner began to analyze the possibility that the former president could down His candidacy for president, after the article was prepared by his media team from the Patria Institute.

But as the hours wore on, the sexes lost power: the former president had information – through his judicial operators and those who had been checking with her in the intelligence services and remained loyal to her – that some of the investigations involving her daughter were involved I was about to move.

Florencia is investigated in two cases for her participation in the Kirchner family members who were accused of laundering (Hotsur and Los Suces), on which she is prosecuted Embargo on 900 million dollars.

It is also worth remembering, 4,464 million dollars Who found it in a safe in the Galicia Ghetto, The amount of millionaire who can not justify, but through a delegation of this money from his mother.

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All that reveals to the former president that to this day, is one with the best prospects and better numbers to be the presidential candidate of Area K and national justice parties, Buenos Aires and some other counties.

The chance that Florence will remain in Cuba is there There is no extradition with Argentina, Was evaluated each week by CFK with his people of close confidence, aupada in the data that his operators approached him on the future of the reasons in which the young director is really complicated.


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