Monday , January 25 2021

Closer and closer to galatctico tourism

(ANSA) – No, it's not another test, it's a fact, real and it leaves almost everything ready for the new Galactico tourism. The Virgin Galactic Company today from California to rise up to the heights of Earth's atmosphere to its superconducting space plane SpaceShipTwo VSS Unity, local sources reported.

In this way, British company Richard Brinson, 68, is closer to fulfilling the dream of sending tourists into space. The VSS Unity-powered aircraft was directed by two veteran pilots at a maximum altitude of 82.7 km, exceeding 80 km mark established by the US government, which identifies it as a space of area. To give the astronaut wings to the pilot.

The flight flight took off this morning from the port of Mojave Air & Space in California, under Branson's watchful eye. "I hope we're going into space today," said Virgin Galactic founder before taking off.

This was the fourth motor flight performed for the VSS unit and the nearest unit to emulate the flight path, which is expected to arrive at some time for commercial missions. Test pilots Mark "Burger" Stakey and Rick "CJ" Starkov were in charge of successful flight control. "Risk is a valuable part of forward progress and the essential risk is that sometimes you have good times and sometimes you have bad," said Virgin sources.

Reaching the space threshold will show significant progress towards the start of commercial flights promised more than a decade ago. The development for Virgin Galactic's spacecraft took much longer than expected and suffered rounds when the first experimental ship was broken during a test flight of 2014, causing the death of a co-pilot.

Local sources say that Virgin is now months away from taking the first group of tourists into space, a goal where Branson's company has been working for 14 years.

More than 600 people have made up to $ 250,000 to ride the rocket that can carry up to six passengers.

The company's experts explained that instead of directing the space with a rocket launched vertically in the NASA style, Virgin Galactic uses a rocket-powered spacecraft called VSS Unity, a ship more comparable to an ultrasonic X-plane developed by the North American Army

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