Tuesday , January 26 2021

Could eventually ban the Royal Battle in China

Concern about the content of video games in China is a matter of national importance. Following the meeting of the Online Ethics Audit Committee held earlier this month, Change The panorama of video games in the country since some were put under a microscope Multiplayer games And they did not leave the unemployed.

The goal was to find out whether they promoted negative values ​​or whether they violated the social and ethical norms of the Asian giant. As you can imagine, they found "Irregularities"In more than half of the games are reviewed (11 out of 20) and asked for some points to correct, but there are 9 cases where the games were analyzed not to go through the review which, in the final case, can mean A total ban of these games in China.

"Overwatch," Diablo, "League of Legends" or "World of Warcraft" They will have to go through a series of Corrections For their clothes (small clothes in women, basically) or their task problems, although it all indicates that these problems can be solved without aging.

The drama comes with 6 titles that have been banned directly There is no possibility of remission. Most of them have something in common and this is their type "Battle Royale, Something very popular now in the West, but it seems that it is not so appreciated by those who put the rules in the East countries.

Some games are prohibited by their content Puppy, vulgar and violent they Fortnite, Playerunknown of Victims (PUBG), H1Z1, Palindine or Ring of Elysium. We do not know if this means that these games are strictly prohibited, or if something can be done, but there is no doubt that this is shocking news and is not suitable for companies.

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