Thursday , August 18 2022

Diario Uno – Tinelli entered the final against the river against Boca


Marcelo Tinelli, vice president of San Lorenzo, said on Monday his position through social networks about the incident occurred at a monumental stadium with a Boca microphone and supported the campus after Pablo Perez once again went to the clinic.

The leader of Cyclone once again supported the contact context xeneize, as he did over the weekend, through his account Twitter quoted the actor's words after passing through an eye doctor and showed solidarity with the xeneize team.

"Pablo Perez is back in the clinic, someone thinks about the players to God." If they took my eyes, no one took responsibility. "" We left with the stadium ambulance and still threw stones at us. "My absolute solidarity with Boca on campus was brutally attacked," Tinley said.

The Xeneize wheel, however, confirmed on Monday that at the exit of the Otamendi healer that "I can not go to court where I can get to die." It should be noted that once again they made a new patch in the left eye, which was hit by one of the fragments of the glass broken by the bullets.

"They threw stones, bottles, all the people gathered in one place, they were minutes I did not want anyone, they kept breaking glass, it was not very far from the entrance to the stadium, it was pretty close," concluded Captain Boca.

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