Thursday , January 28 2021

Do we use only 10% of the brain? It is other myths about the functioning of the brain

God Brain science There has been a strong jump in recent years in terms of Scientific discovery This applies. And it enabled demystifying some of the beliefs we had about the mind and its potential. It was believed for example that one hemisphere was responsible for other logical and creative tasks, or that for example you could have the power of telepathy or sensory.

"We live in a world of constant confusion between what is true and what is not, it is a society immersed in magical thinking, with supernatural beings, with false truths," says Francisco Mora, a neuroscientist. University of Oxford Author of Myths & Truths of the Brain.

Then, three common myths spread.

1) The brain allows to read the mind, move objects or guess the future

Some believe that certain people are able to read the thoughts of others (telepathy), Guessing the future (sensory) or moving objects without touching them (telekinesis). These abilities come from magical thinking, fear and deception. "It's not exist Not well-documented and well-established research In a solid study, using the scientific method, which empowers these mental forces in humans, "said the scientist.

2) The right hemisphere is the creative and the left hemisphere

It is believed to have appropriate tasks In the hemisphere and on the left According to your estimated ability. This is a thought, since it is determined that the right part is creative and artistic, and the left is logic. "The brain is divided into two parts or halves, which are hemispheres, right and left, but do not operate separately, but on the contrary, both are connected, physically and functionally, through a nervous fiber strip, Corpus. The brain functions as a whole, because it transmits constant information from one hemisphere to another, "said a teacher, tossing the myth.

"The existence of more or more selective talents and abilities for Mathematics for art, Or the sciences versus the letters, is incompatible with the functional dominance of hemispheres, but with the final functioning of the two hemispheres and their interaction with the family environment and the culture in which they live. "The professor argued.

3) We use only 10% of our brain

It must be one The most common myths. "In both the anatomy and the many functions it expresses throughout the life of the individual, the brain demands its full integrity," writes Mora. If the myth was true, What biologically justified all the waste of resources? Because in addition, the human brain is a very "expensive" organ to maintain: its weight is only 2% of the organism, but it needs to consume 20% of the total oxygen we breathe, so the energy needed for its production is produced. Maintenance with these assumptions, can one think that evolution was so clumsy that it would allow this useless energy forever? "

For a teacher, the fact that this belief continues also hides fake interests such as Possible sale of methods capable of helping us reach, Without too much effort, taking advantage of a higher percentage of this amazing potential. "

Another myth: Twenty-five years ago, the journal Nature published an article in which it was announced that students before the universities who listened to Mozart's piano son for ten minutes temporarily increased their intellectual ability significantly. The work had a huge public impact, hence the birth of "The Mozart Effect"It was later proved that the study was wrong because it only served to sell more Mozart CDs and that in fact any stimulus can help at such moments.

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