Thursday , July 29 2021

Dollar Today: The year ends with a sharp drop and the country risk falls – 12/28/2018

God Dollar today He started the last working day of the year with a retreat, adding the second consecutive loss. While in the retail market he gave 70 cents at Banco Nación, quote at $ 38.60, at the wholesaler (which is one that is replicated later in retail) It fell 56 cents to $ 37.75.

God State risk, In a variable that tracks the performance of Argentine bonds abroad, and was observed by analysts, It drops 1.91% to 821 points. This means that Argentina should pay 8.35 points more than the US bonds to take debt.

On Thursday there was also a drop in the currency "by a boost of Income from abroad Which led to a decline in prices, which have so far moved away from the maximum in a week, "according to Gustavo Quintana, the PR company Corradora de Cambio.

The peso ends this year The worst performance Among emerging market currencies, according to Bloomberg data. It was depreciating 30%. The Turkish Lira, which was the second currency that lost a strong value this year, lost 12.92%, far from the Argentine Peso.

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