Saturday , January 23 2021

Economic expectations continue to decline Chronicle

The negative assessment of the perception of work and the deterioration in the intention to purchase durable goods are the main factors explaining the new decline recorded in November in the Economic Expectations Index (IGEE), which measures the perception of the population on the economic situation and employment.

In November, the index – according to the consultancy Kantar Tans – recorded a two-point decline, which reached a new floor for the series of historical measurements. "This is the second consecutive month of decline in economic expectations, and again the employment variable is one of the main indicators explaining this deterioration " said And Lita De Jeanne, Commercial director of Kantar TNS.

"The employment situation is strengthened with the perception that this is not a good time to purchase durable goods ", He added. In the November measurement, the perception of the future situation also showed a deterioration, albeit to a lesser extent, due to the general perception of the economy and expectations of future income.

The November survey was conducted in the second half of the month, between the 15th and the 28th, parallel to the publication of the October inflation index, which stood at 5.4%, the rise of the dollar during the last week of that month. Month and news on the increase in the State's risk, among others.

"The delicate context of the economic situation, which in the immediate future does not appear to be positive indicators, is expressed in the opinions of the people who care about their employment situation, they do not see with good eyes the moment of purchasing durable goods, according to other measurements we made at Kantar TNS, Take care of its expenses and consumption, "concluded Dejean.

The overall index of economic expectations is composed of six questions that examine the current economic situation, the economic outlook for the next six months, the employment situation in Argentina, the forecast of income per household in the next six months and the general cost of goods, among other items and sub-sections.

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