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Estudiantes gave racing a fight and the story ended 1 to 1

The goal of the visit was scored by Cristaldo and gave 35 minutes into the first stage. The equality for the premises was the work of Matías Pellegrini in 17 of the completion.

Students Tied 1 to 1 with Satisfied The first leg game by 8 of The final of Supergirl Cup In the stadium City of La Plata The purpose of the visit marked him Jonathan Cristaldo In 35 minutes of the first stage. The equality for the place was the work of Matthias Pellegrini In 17's of the complement. The refund will be activated on Saturday from 20% Evlanda.

Arrives at fifteen minutes of the game, the pinch He showed himself better by clicking and without giving The Academy. At age 11 he had Punch and Nado Sanchez Of the head to the exit of a corner shot of Pellegrini, but Dario Cvitanich Nika on the line.

Within half an hour of play, it was more intense than control or ball handling. But it was Mariano Endogues The one that had to appear, covering one hand over the other Santiago Solar.

In the next play, at 35 minutes he can not do anything against a title in solitude crystal That he won among the centrals after a great rating of Cvitanich. It was the last clear play of the first half.

In almost 6 minutes the drawing of the pinch. Nicholas in her ear Finished out of the area takes a lost ball, and a rebound Gabriel Arias Responded to pure reflex by sending the ball to the foundation.

Within 15 minutes of the second half he looked Students Going to look for the tie but the clarity to close the plays. On the other hand, Satisfied He waited for the order to leave.

And the tie came from so much. At the age of 17, Manuel Castro He escaped from the right, he sent a center he had found alone Pellegrini It's an air and race, set to crossed before the departure of Arias.

After half an hour of play, the two teams became very inaccurate and had almost no goal goals. Fatigue after the very intense first time was visible in the players.

At the age of 41 he almost gets the difference Students After a good escape by Edouard Lopez, Who entered the area and returned to it Gaston Fernandez, Ended with a first shot of cat But also Arias Reacts to height.

Once again the Colombian in the final break almost reached the goal but can not set with a mark on the top. A piece Fernando Eck And the end of a very intense and controversial game, which were archers as main points, though Satisfied He was the one who had the most work. This story will continue … b Evlanda.


Students (1): Mariano Endogues; Paquondo Sanchez, Nicholas Bazana, Gonzalo Gore, Paquondo Mora; Enzo Kallinski; Manuel Castro, Navel Estevez, Ivan Gomez, Matthias Pellegrini; Matteo Rattagui. DT: Gabriel Milito.

Racing (1): Gabriel Arias; Renzo Sarbia, Leonardo Sigali, Alejandro Donati, Alexis Soto; Marcelo Diaz; Augusto Solar, Matthias Zarazzi, Guillermo Fernandez; Dario Kvitnitz and Jonathan Cristaldo. DT: Eduardo COUDET.

Goals: PT: 35 Jonathan CRISTALDO (R). ST: 17 Matías PELLEGRINI (EDLP).

Changes: STE: 29 Mateo CASSIERRA x & Nat Cristaldo (R), 30 & # 39; Lucas Urban x Alianandro Donati (33) Neri Caduzo x Marcelo Diaz (R), 35 Gaston Fernandez and Edouard Lopez x Matalias Pellegrini and Matao Rattagui (EDLP), 41 Iván ERQUIAGA x Manuel CASTRO (EDLP).

armed: PT: 18 Guillermo FERNNNZZ (R), 45 & # 39; Gonzalo America (EDLP).

judge: Fernando ECHENIQUE.

STADIUM: City of La Plata

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