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Eva Mendes explains why she left the cinema


Eva Mendes stopped her career as an actress, but that does not mean she is not staying a star. The interpreter, of Cuban origin, has almost walked away from public life for almost five years, without stepping on the red carpets and without any project on the bill. Yet, He broke his silence Talking about her career, her motherhood, and her projects. And even Ryan Gosling, his partner since 2011 and who hardly mentions (and so does).

The interpreter of Hitch or Ghost Rider was seen and heard in a rare interview given to the May issue of the US edition of Women's Health: "Being a mother was the least in my mind," he explains. Actress, 45. Now he has two daughters. In September 2014 the first born, Esmeralda Amada, and in April 2016 second, Amada Lee.

so what happened? "Ryan Gosling is gone"She laughs frankly," I'm going to fall in love with him. So it made sense to me … I no longer have children, but to get their children. It was something very concrete, "explains the actress." After nearly two decades devoted to the world of cinema, he came, his daughters came, and Eitan, came a change in priorities. Lack of ambition"He says." Now I feel more at home than at work. "

The work for her is her own small ones, in addition to specific collaborations Fashion world (With New York clothing brand & company) and cosmetics (with Circa signature). "It's still a little dangerous to leave them both alone in the room," he says, joking half seriously at the girls, four and a half years older than him and three little ones. In any event, cinema and everything connected with it is not an option for their education.

Because, to Mendes, whose daughters are growing up in the hurricane of the public eye, "she is clearly worried." "It's not just that we're in this industry, but everything that implies Fame is very frightening when You try to raise your children, "he says, sighing and explaining in the interview the distances he needs to travel to find where to play and spend time with the little ones away from the goals of the photographers.

Eva Mendes (Photo: AP)
Eva Mendes (Photo: AP)

"What I want to emphasize is that I do not let them pay attention to the clothes I wear, they never saw me preparing for anything, they never saw me at work," he says, emphasizing that this is the way they chose. "It's okay for anyone who wants to do it that way, but the way I try to take it usually does not let them see me in these situations, I'm just a mom. I'm happier to be a mother"He says that less than a decade ago he very much wanted to be a girl Almodovar or work with Amenábar.

They say that to raise a child you need an entire tribe, so Gosling-Mendes weighs. "We have a huge help group: Ryan's mother and mine, his sisters and mine, this is an entire city that helps us, I take my heart out with those women who do it all by themselves. I come from a house that really had one person, even though I love my father, My mother raised us to almost four"Explains her and her brothers, who grew up modestly:" We did not have too many things when we grew up. My mother used to say: "We almost have, some have less." It has made me appreciate all this since I was little. "

This lack of concessions on his work made him almost miss the speech of gratitude that Ryan Gosling had devoted to him when Won the Golden Globe La La Land, In 2017. She says in an interview that her daughters can only see a public cartoon network and that she did not even see the ceremony, but her sister called her from another room and came just as Gosling started talking.

That year Mendes' brother died. "Losing it was very difficult", She tells her two years later. Gosling dedicated the prize to both sides, for she treated him while he played the most important role in his career. "If she did not take over all this so that I could experience this experience, of course there would be someone else in my place today, so dear, thank you," the actor said. "It was like a dream," she recalls. "But the best thing was when he pronounced my sister's name, it was the most beautiful gesture, I had no idea that Ryan was going to do it."

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