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“Everyone’s going to fall, one by one!”


A few days after the world premiere of ‘Maradona: A Blessed Dream’, Daniel Osvaldo exploded in his Instagram stories to promote the biological film produced by Amazon Prime Video telling the lives of ten.

In detail, Giannina Maradona’s friend shared on the aforementioned social network a chat capture with a fictional advertisement, which they apparently sent to his cell phone via WhatsApp. But that was not all.

Osvaldo and Giannina.

Osvaldo and Giannina.

That in the picture you can see that the former footballer responded to this message with a controversial and threatening comment. “I do not know who you are, but If you spread this shit, you’re not a good personHe began to say.

And he added, “Everyone’s going to fall, one by one! They’re going to pay for it, Sleeve Rats! RAID!” In addition, in addition to the capture he brought to his stories, the former Jimna Baron added in large letters: “Short,” emphasizing his strong response to receiving this message.

Daniel Osvaldo's angry message to promote 'Maradona: A Blessed Dream'.

Daniel Osvaldo’s angry message to promote ‘Maradona: A Blessed Dream’.

Hours before Osvaldo shared this story, on the official Instagram account of Diego Armando Maradona, his heirs posted a statement referring to image rights and his father’s name.

“Dear friends, we are amazed at the fact that some unauthorized people are trying to commercialize the image rights and the name of Diego Maradona,” it was written in this article.

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“It’s forbidden by your heirs. We warn you Any violation or ignorance of the laws will be subject to legal action Before the competent courts, “he continued.

And he concluded: “For any activity or use of rights related to the image and name of Diego Maradona, you should contact @maradonaheirs (heirs account), or with our licensee in Europe … we are working on a number of interesting projects that we will announce very soon!”.

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‘Maradona: A Blessed Dream’, The Controversy Series

The premiere of the football star’s biography is scheduled for October 29th (On the eve of the teen’s 61st birthday) and those who do not have access to the digital platform, will be able to watch the first episode on Thursday the 28th on Channel 9.

The first season of fiction contains Ten episodes of an hour. The first five will be available in the premiere. And the rest will be released in the following weeks: November 5, episodes 6 and 7; And the last three will be two weeks to the end, scheduled for November 26th.

Sueño Bendito, the Maradona series that can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

Sueño Bendito, the Maradona series that can be seen on Amazon Prime Video.

Teen heirs oppose the series, Whose screenplay was written by two producers of ‘To the Margins’, Gilermo Salmaron and Silvina Olshansky, and directed by Alejandro Aimta from Cordoba.

Claudia Wilfani’s lawyer, Fernando Burlando, filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Amazon Prime and Video to prevent the series from being shown, as in the plot they will see his client as a “villain.”

Last July, Diaz’s ex-wife took intent against the production of the biopic. “They are very busy offering money to my friends in the middle to promote the series in it They use my name without my consent“Dalma and Giannina’s mother wrote in their Instagram stories.

Claudia Villapania rage against Diego Maradona's series production.  Photo from Instagram.

Claudia Wilfani’s rage against Diego Maradona’s series production. Photo from Instagram.

And she launched, clearly angry: “You better take care of answering the letter letters I sent you more than a year ago“.

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