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Exclusive Facundo Arana: "Let justice act now"

December 12, 2018

In a dialogue with Cristina Perez about Radio Miter, the actor referred to the condemnation of Thelma Perradin against Juan Darthés.

Pacundo Arena He was interviewed for the program "Confessions at night" There he said it In your mind "It was"Well "finalThe mind is not the same ".

The player came back for a while and defended the person who was accused of rape. After the condemnation by the Argentinian team, Arna replied.

"I met a lot of people who could not sleep last night. It's something so strong you can not imagine. Here there are victims, we must give them space and inclusion", He said in a dialogue with journalists Christina Perez and Gonzalo Sanchez.

"Just justice will work now, let him investigate quickly, I have no doubt what he is doing"Responded the man who sat with the actors Thelma fictional "You are my life", Which also promised that at the same time "Everything was wonderful".

In addition, her husband's Maria Suzini, who had three children, He lamented: "Some people said that something had happened to him and many of us went bankrupt to someone who seemed different, and meanwhile I'm trying to communicate with people I feel I'm not measuring".

"We're talking about monstrous things., Said the man who also admitted in a conversation Radio MiterYou "I'm talking to you and I swear to God I'm breathless".

"Instead of having someone raped or abused, it will never be different. I want it to be different. I did not expect anything like that to happen. I do not know what to expect ", He declared and repeated that he was very yearning "Do justice to the things you have to do now".

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