Wednesday , August 4 2021

Fernando Espinoza: "For us, the candidate for president is Christina Kirchner"

National deputy of the province of Buenos Aires Fernando Espinoza He was encouraged to say that until now there had been no one: "For us, the candidate for president is Christina Kirchner." He added: "She should be the head of a large pluralistic, democratic front."

In radio statements, Espinosa said that "With a heavy inheritance that Macri and Vidal leave us, that owed several generations of citizens, We need a president in Argentina who has a lot of ability and talent. Y For us it's Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. "

The former head of the community pointed out that other groups and political movements should Be behind the nomination of Christina Kirchner For the presidential election 2019. So far, the former president did not say anything about a possible appointment next year.

"A front that includes the radicals of Raoul Alfonsine, the socialists of Alicia Morro de Josto, The independents, the citizens who voted for Makri Vidal and who today feel deceived and disappointed by them, "he said.

The paratroopers also referred to the Peruvian congressional assembly in the Buenos Aires district: "We already said two months ago in Mar del Plata that we were coming To build a new political space to rule the province of Buenos Aires Together with various leaders, mayors, legislators and, in particular, different sectors of society in the district. "

"The establishment of a new Argentina and a new province of Buenos Aires is created Through a popular and united conscience. Surveys say that, even Veronica Magario and I, we would win this district, But the most important thing is the unity of the different sectors of society that are much worse than three years ago, "said Espionza.

He added: "We are going to have a better government than we, because we learned from our mistakes, we know what we are wrong. Charging only 2.5% of the aliquot to Argentinian millionaires who launder their money and left it abroad we were collecting 120 billion pesos And this year there was no increase in Fares and transportation. That is, when we control we would lower rates in half.

With regard to the interest rate hike announced by the government for next year, the legislator said: "Having a new year with these ads generates a lot of anger, impotence, and disappointment Those who voted for Macri and Vidal. Today we finish our approval, in case there is any doubt Everything he promised on the Macri trip is a big lie. "

"On the street they ask us to solve this disaster that McCry Vidal is leaving us because Vidal is also responsible for the province. It has signed interest rate hikes and is also responsible for 500 schools in the district. The national government does what it does: They want to return to the economy of 1,900, Primary economy, exports, without industries, "he concluded.

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