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Free Fire: So You Can Be The Best Using Plume In Your Games Grana | Mexico Spain Online Games | Play sports

Free fire Is a free video game that unlike Fortnite, uses characters with special abilities to give more dynamism and action in games. Depending on how the player plays, each character offers advantages in the playing field and even more if you know how to combine it with your companions.

One of the most esteemed figures is Paloma, who has been available for several months now Free fire. The reason is that players believe you have no talent to succeed on the battlefield.

However, we believe there are five reasons to take advantage of the down in your games Free fire.

Free fire Feather skills

Feather stands out in her skill devoted to weapons. At the default level, she can hold 30 AR ammunition before she jumps off the plane, and most importantly, the character will not take up additional inventory space.

Since Pluma is already carrying 30 more AR ammunition after falling off the plane, this makes it very useful for the first fights in games. Free fire, When players equip AR after a fall.

By developing Paloma’s ability, the character will be able to carry 180 AR ammunition and thus save a lot of inventory space, allowing players to Free fire Carry additional health packages.

Carrying extra AR ammunition can also be a huge benefit for team members, as players can carry other ammunition for their teammates, as much of the inventory space has already been saved by Paloma.

Finally, Paloma can be combined with DJ Aluk’s healing ability, Moko’s ability to mark enemies, and Hyatto’s ability to increase armor penetration. Such a combination would be the perfect choice to play Free fire Aggressively or passively.

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