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Gal Garcia Bernal was affectionate before the cameras with writer Fernanda Aragones


The Mexican actor Gal Garcia Bernal was captured with the writer Fernanda Aragones in Zona Maco, Contemporary Art Fair held in Mexico City from February 6-10, 2019.

The protagonist of the Amazon series "Mozart in the Jungle" He did not hesitate to kiss the girl on the cheek and lips, Though he was always very careful in his private life.

Mexican edition of the magazine Hello! He published the photos and reported that the actor "collaborates and is fond of Mexican society, in a romantic scene."

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Gal Garcia had never been open to his love relationship. He was associated with the Balan Schwann model, Natalie Portman, and walked on a red carpet with designer Andrea de la Torre, although it was With Argentine Dolores Ponzi with whom she had two children.

in fact, Libertad and Lorenzo, the children of the Mexican actor, were present while the couple were kissing at the whore of Aquao. According to the Mexican magazine Grade, Gall Garía and Fernanda Aragon do not want to be photographed for the cameras or talk about their alleged novel.

Who is Fernanda Eragon?

Fernanda calls herself "Fiera" and she has a blog of the same name. In addition to songs, write art and culture for the magazine Marie Claire

She was married to Alex Esparza, Her only father, Emilia. She was also involved in 2013, with Alejandro Del Villar.

She is the daughter of the famous Miguel Angel Aragones, who was behind the architect of the famous White House, Property that when discovered in a journalistic investigation, This became a case that marked the administration of former President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Lange Rivera had to explain that she bought it with her work as an actress. The house was cost of $ 7 million in a prestigious residential area of ​​the Mexican capital. The acquisition ended until the cancellation and two years later, the President apologized to the Mexicans for this "error".

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