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Gymnastics to stroke salvation: defeated leprosy


exercise He arrived in the forest with the obligation to strike Of Newell To forget the decline in this season of Supergirl Thus recovering from the defeat of the classic against Students

With the duty but also with the intention, the local team gained prominence in the game and positioned itself in the opponent's field and managed the ball and the first actions in the stadium Juan Carmelo Zarillo.

With Franco Morris, Which returned to being a starter, as a flag of possession of the ball, near Lucas Licht and Photo 1 of: In the outings, the wolf wanted to create a game below and above his face and thus put into operation Santiago Silva and Jan Hortado.

27 minutes Victor Ayala He shot the loot and took a free kick that crashed on the front page, under the watchful eye of Alan Aguirre And left the forest silent. Where the players were the most obvious in the game.

At the beginning of the second half Indio Ortiz moved the bench. He sent Horatio Tjanovich, And Lautaro Chavez to the court to replace Brian Mansier and Santiago Silva.

The intent of the coach to give more presence on the field, to restore the ball and create a game, does not work. Gymnastics lost the role she had in the first half and the visit dominated the game but there was no clarity to convert.

The first clear situation of the wolf in their charge was only 38 minutes into the match, with a free kick by Víctor Ayala that Alan Aguerre skipped when the ball went into the far left corner.



Geministics (0): Sebastian Moyano; Facundo OREJA, Maximiliano Coronel, German Gifri and Lucas Licht; Maximiliano COMBA, FRANKO MUSSIS, VICTOR AYALA AND BRIAN MANSILLA; Jan Carlos Hortado and Santiago Silva. DT: Darío ORTIZ.

Newsel (0): Alan Aguirre; Paquondio Nadalien, Stefano Calgary, Mario Fontanini and Juan Pablo Paretti; Anibal Moreno and Juan Manuel REQUENA; Victor Figueroa, Mauro Formica and Luis Liel; And Alexis RODRIGGUZ. DT: Hector BIDOGLIO.

Changes: STE: 0 Tijanovich x Mansilla (GELP), 11 Federichevsky x Rodriguez (NOB), 13 & # 39; (GOLP), 18 Insaurralde x Leal (NOB), 39 Tours x Insaurralde (NOB)

STADIUM: Juan Carmelo Zarillo.

judge: Fernando ECHENIQUE.

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