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Hand in hand with Fortnite, epic games made profits of $ 3 billion – 12/28/2018

Epic Games, The research he developed Portnit, The feeling game of 2018, closes the year with Profits billions of dollars, Reaching $ 3 billion, according to TechCrunch.

Founded in 1991, AFI No income data was given Its great success, which has 125 million players, but it's a new milestone in the benefits, combined with other data, giving an idea of successful That the entrepreneur sees as a result of a change in the foresight strategy that took place six years ago.

Fortnite, which played Free But making money selling digital objects, there is a popularized category Battle of Royal Almost without help from anyone, and it was the acclaimed title of the year.

Fortnite has 125 million players.

Fortnite has 125 million players.

Videogame is Globally, Played obsessively in children, rappers, professional athletes and middle-aged accountants. It's a fight for his death game Winner of the last stand Where players fight for weapons, resources and survival on an island devastated by the storm.

As a game Socially, Easy to play and difficult DominateThis is already Special success among school-age children, Which aroused concern among teachers and parents.

Fortnite is not the only fist of epic. Previous success of the office developer was Wheels of war, The best-selling franchise for Microsoft Xbox 360. Epic has also An unrealistic engine, One of the two most common operating systems for gaming development.

Fortnite popularized Battle Royale category.

Fortnite popularized Battle Royale category.

Initially, the epic is charged to customers for using the software. The sales took off when Tim Sweeney, the company's owner, made the move Free product And in return began to collect Royalties For sales of games made using the software, which included hits such as Mass Effect and Batman: Arkham.

"Effi's assessment was Shot Along with the success of Fortnite, "says Timothy O Shea, who covers the games at Jefferies Financial Group: based on a number of electronic arts and Activision Blizzard, AFI Can be worth as much as $ 15 billion.

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