Monday , June 27 2022

Having sex every day is good for the heart and overall health


Sex is not only fun, but also very good for the heart, for our immune system, for our well-being and for our fitness.

"It is the heart and whole body workout, Obviously more enjoyable doing aerobics every day in the neighborhood, and the weather is very bad. (…) Practice this huge benefit that we give to our health. "This is protected by the cardiologist and one of the most popular and popular scientific in Germany, Dr. Johannes Hinrich Von Borstel.

"also, The hormones we release protect us from a whole series of diseases. In fact, research has shown that sexually active people suffer from a significantly lower number of fatal heart attacks than those who practice it without interest and interest, "he adds.

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Moreover, he claims that The loving bond already releases the first hormones, Which increase until they become "true hormonal fireworks when the orgasm is reached, during which more than 50 messenger chemicals are released," says Infosalus Portal.

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Among other things, the expert emphasizes The Oxytocin & amp; Or the hormone of love, Which is not only liberated by women at the time of birth during breastfeeding, but also by lovers; A & # 39; Dopamine & amp; Or a rewarding remedy. It gives us a very pleasant and rewarding feeling; or The adrenalin, the hormone that excites us And it does even when practicing our heart sex beats up to 120 times per minute; The hormone "serotonin" is the hormone of happiness.

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Also emphasizes the "testosterone", a source of strength in one of the most important sexual hormones, because it increases sexual arousal and ensures that we feel a strong sense of desire; The & amp; Endorphin Or painkiller hormone, Which reduces pain and improves sleep, among others.

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