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He is 4 years old and the complication of influenza is hurting his brain

To Andre Carson He was diagnosed with the common flu In March 2017. However, when his mother woke him at dawn to give him the medicine, he found it faint and hard to breathe. The woman immediately summoned an ambulance and left him in detention.

He spent 11 days in intensive care and found out what had happened to him: His condition was complicated by acute encephalomyelopathy. ANE is a strange disease characterized by brain damage and usually occurs after acute acute, mainly because of viral infections, according to the Center for Information of Rare Genetic Diseases of the United States.

The National Library of Medical Sciences of that country points to this To date, only 59 cases of ANE have been documented, A third of whom did not survive. Fortunately, this is not the case with Andre. During this period it can develop for the better.

Andre and his mother, today.
Andre and his mother, today.

"Andre was a very active and friendly guy, he was in kindergarten when he was sick. It swelled in my throat, in the heat, with diarrhea and chills, so I took him to the doctor"Said his mother, Kamaria Parish," a CT scan revealed the lesions in her brain and found she had the H1N1 virus. "The lesions continued to grow and caused extensive damage to the left side of the brain.

"When he got out of the treatment he was already breathing on his own, so I hoped again. When he opened his eyes he did not answer, it was like a vegetableParish explained: After two months of rehabilitation, this little boy from California (USA) began to move his organs voluntarily and follow his eyes.

More than a year after she became ill, Andre was simply He takes his first steps with a treadmill and tries to say a few words. He still recruits in a wheelchair and communicates with an electronic device. His 29-year-old mother left his career to take care of him full-time and said he was not aware of the damage that could cause the flu.

"I was so surprised that I could cut it, he was strong, but in another tension, I was angry at myself for not taking him to the hospital but the doctor explained there was no way of knowing what was going on," he admitted. "The vaccine is very important. Perhaps, if the person who hurt him was vaccinated or taken with caution so as not to distribute it, none of this would happen, "he concluded.

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