Thursday , May 13 2021

Healthy microbiota reduces the risk of diseases such as colorectal cancer and colitis

Healthy intestinal microbiota reduces the risk of suffering from chronic bowel disease, colitis and even colorectal cancer, Said an expert on Wednesday.

According to gastroenterologist Solange Heller, who heads the Scientific Committee of the Biocodex Microbiota Foundation (BMF) The intestinal microbiota "is fundamental to the various functions of the organism" as the regulation of energy metabolism, the maturation of the immune system In addition to being an obstacle to the entry of pathogenic microorganisms.

In the interview the expert noted that The microbiota "develops in the early years of life, so the first 1,000 days of life Of human beings are fundamental and have a good microbiota. "

Microbiota is a group of microorganisms located in different parts of the body, including the intestine.

He explained that even the way a person is born is affecting the microbiota that it develops.

for example, If the baby is born in the vagina "it has a connection with the bacteria that the mother's vagina has, which helps to strengthen the microbiota, While infants born by caesarean section have no such association. "

in a similar way, Infants whose breastfed tend to be more microbiota Than those who take formula milk.

However, he noted that Changes in diet, stress and abuse of some medications such as antibiotics can alter the composition of this group of microorganisms, The so-called dysbiosis.

Heller said it Can cause children with allergies, intestinal diseases, obesity, bowel dysfunction, infections, diarrhea, neurodegenerative diseases And, in the future, develop colon cancer.

He noted that because of this there is a need to bring A balanced diet based on vegetables, fruits, and cereals rich in fiber And few animal foods.

It is also said that you should eat foods that contain Probiotics Or products that contain them in good quantity to maintain or restore the balance of the gut microbiota.

Due to the fact that in recent years the importance of microbiota has been better understood, BMF has introduced the call to support related research in Mexico.

This will be the second year in a row that researchers will be able to apply for their research to get $ 27,900 in funding for their work.

Last year, in the first conversation, Mexico recorded 60 projects in total, where the winner was one presented by the Center for Biomedical Research at the Meccan Institute of Mexican National Insurance (IMSS).

said The project looks for evidence to show if bacterial recolonization of rats can reverse the effects of exposure to stresss early stages of life.

Yet, BMF seeks to contribute to the development of qualitative scientific research, in search of alternatives to diagnosis and treatment of various diseases With a better understanding of the connections between gut microbiota, health and disease.

The deadline for registration for registration of projects is June 23, 2019. The primary investigator must have a minimum degree and the bases are available on the BMF page.

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