Monday , October 3 2022

Highlight the potential of cryptocurrency to create a larger financial inclusion – Tlam


"Bitcoin operates transparently, independently and without a body that regulates it." Bitcoin is transforming the financial system: how to move, store and spend our money, ensuring reliability.This is why it is also fascinating in Silicon Valley and Wall Street, "said Rodrigo Benadon, co-founder of Cripto247 .com, at the start of the event.

Organized by Cripto247, the free event had about 8,000 subscribers and supported Ripio, the BIND Group of Bitfarms, among other companies and start-ups in the field.

In a dialogue with Tal'am, Benadon said that "there are about 2000 crypto reactors, the most interesting are the ones with the highest market value, they are the most popular and the strongest in terms of their technology."

"Bitcoin is the first number and 2,000 existing cryptoactive, there are a thousand interesting cryptoactive, Levittin has 54 percent of the alpine market, in terms of value measured in dollars," he explained.

"No one knows what will happen with the value of Bitcoin, we all believe that the value is going to borrow that technological disruption, Bitcoin was born zero at its highest point, in December 2017, it was worth $ 20,000, now we are at 5,500" .

"People pay attention, not just geeks, engineers, but industry, developers, technology, economics, that's what processes within companies," he added.

For his part, Emiliano Grodetsky, co-founder of Cripto247, said that Bitcoin's computing power, which is the amount of hardware that was connected simultaneously to transactions, is 1,000 times greater than Google's calculation.

Meanwhile, Ripio CEO Sebastian Serrano stressed "the potential that has a technology in Lukasin to Latin America, where we have more than half the population with Internet access, but we have problems: particularly weak currencies, high inflation rates, cyclical depreciation and international transaction is the cost To which she adds that 65% of the population is not from a bank. "

"We believe there is a big challenge and this technology can be an excellent solution for creating a greater financial mix, producing products we can not imagine, our goal is to democratize access to the digital economy through block technology," he said.

He noted that "Today many people are left out of the system because for the traditional system it is very expensive to reach the base pyramid. This technology will reduce costs and will allow us to reach people who do not have access and be able to perform in the world.

For his part, the CEO of the Argentine company RSK Labs, Diego Gutierrez Saldeber, said that "bitcoin is the tip of the Internet's iceberg value, which is below the blockchain."

"The money," he said, "was always private, issued by private individuals, and because of the insecurity, the countries took the power of money in the last 200 years."

"Now we have a transparent system that respects the 100% agreements, we have the possibility of recovering the power of money, we have the possibility of creating the next financial system of mankind including by nature," he said.

On the other hand, he analyzed the need to give or not a legal framework of cryptocurrencies, a panel which participated in the holder of the Financial Information Unit (FIU), Mariano Federici, and the Director of the Central Bank (BCRA), participated. Horatio Lindo.

"We are close to regulation of the digital assets market in Argentina, but before consulting with all parties," Federici said, adding that "at the G20 summit in the coming days in Argentina, it may announce regulation B of cryptoactives around the world."

"All regulations of cryptoactives in Argentina are designed to fight against money laundering and drug trafficking," he added, adding that in this type of development, "excessive regulation is a manufacturer."

Lindo agreed that "you do not have to settle by doubts, but rather be precise about the matter."

"It should not be ruled out that in the future the Argentine central bank can have digital assets in its coffers, but while they are unstable it is off the table," he concluded.

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