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Historic decision of Marcelo Bilsa: He ordered his team to give a goal after a dispute – 04/28/2019

Marcelo Bielsa Marked another milestone in his career as coach on Sunday: In a game in which Leeds received Aston Villa on the 45th day of the British championship, Rosarino ordered his players to give themselves a goal after a controversial game that his team gave him an advantage.

It all started as soon as 73 Cliche Kalish scored the goal of Leeds in a play that released the wrath of his opponents, Which claimed that Bielsa's team stopped the game because one of the players was injured midfield.

The dispute was created because Leeds defender Tyler Roberts seemed to have thrown the ball forward so they could participate in the forward and Villa, who was injured. However, Kalish raised the ball, to the surprise of his opponents, tucked in the area and fence crossed.

Immediately thereafter, a general battle was waged on the field of Elland Road, which chose to oust the Egyptian Anwar al-Razi, The connection of Aston Villa. Meanwhile, on the edge of the field, Beilse starred in a stormy debate (translator through) with John Terry, a former soccer player of the English team who creates a pair technique with Dean Smith.

Before the game began, Rosario's order was clear: that his players were letting themselves score the tie. And so it happened: Without resistance, Albert Red put the 1 to 1, which would be the end result.

Look, too

With the tie, Leeds certainly buried the opportunity to move directly to the Premier League, since it was 5 points away from Sheffield United and 8 from Norwich City, the two teams that managed to come up with one day to finish the tournament.

Now, Bielsa's team, the third, must play the playoffs where they will face the next four teams in the table, including his rival this Sunday.

The dispute over alleged espionage

In his first season at the head of Leeds, one of the historic clubs of England, Marcelo Bielsa revolutionized the second division of that country. After several years, the team was the hero of the tournament and was even a few leading dates, with a serious chance to go straight up. However, he was released at the end and could not achieve the goal.

But the fact that it was most common was the charge of espionage that the Rosario had to deal with. It all started when the Argentine coach admitted to send a member of his team to spy on Derby County at his training camp, before he turned to him.

Look, too

The event, which had a worldwide impact and put Bayelsa in the eye of the storm, ended with a heavy fine for Leeds (about $ 258,000) and a new rule forbidding teams to watch rival training at 72. Hours immediately before the game, unless invited to do so.

"What I did is not illegal, we can discuss whether it's okay or not, I know that not everything that is legal is true, and that there are many things that are legal and unjust, I saw all the opponents during the season," Bayelsa promised at a press conference To explain what had happened.


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