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How many cups of coffee can you take a day?


A study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition determined how many cups of coffee a day can be drunk without affecting health.

The study, led by scientists from the University of South Australia, estimated more than 347,000 people aged 37 to 73, including 8,368 cases with heart disease events in the UK. The authors determined that the association between regular coffee consumption and the risk of cardiovascular disease is not linear.

According to the study, consuming less than 6 cups of coffee a day has no harm to health. However, by overcoming this index, the risk of cardiovascular disease increases by 22%.

The study took into account a genetic version (CYP1A2) that affects caffeine metabolism and so far has been suggested that those who do not have a higher risk of heart attack and hypertension when consuming the substance. However, the results obtained did not correctly assess this association, and no evidence was found between the patients who carried this genotype and the disease.

Those with the CYP1A2 gene, which helped them penetrate four times faster than others, also reflected the discomfort after their sixth trophy. For cardiologist Chris LaBoss of McGill University in Canada, the coffee dose that most people drink is far from the prescribed limit, so this drink will not have an adverse effect on health.

"One of the great explanations is that the more sugar, sugar and flavors added to coffee, the more calories that people do not need and will probably make the situation worse (such as heart health)," the expert added.

Finally, Labos referred to other studies which in fact, found that coffee has a protective effect and carries some benefits. (RT)

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