Tuesday , January 19 2021

How the reef has been murdered & To be sorted in Noosa

Mark at 6:30 pm on Thursday, January 10 at J, Noosa grab a new documentary faced by researcher Renobyl who shows that the Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger due to poor management of the environment.

the film, Murder on the reef, By geocutist Justin Costan based Alan Dobrovolsky and cinema Alex Fitzwater, comparing the poor management of Australia's Great Barrier Reef with the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

"In addition, poor environmental management led to the environmental disaster in the Great Harbor of Gladstone Barrier Reef in 2011," said Dr. Dobrovolski.

"Since this time the reef has suffered unprecedented back-to-back backaching events which killed half the coral.

"It's because of the warming oceans caused by climate change, the collapse of an entire ecosystem is imminent if you do not take action."

According to Dr. Dobrovolsky, the next imminent reef disaster will be on a much larger scale due to the predicted global growth rate of bleaching events.

With 50 percent of the Great Barrier Reef coral already wiped out, further rise in ocean temperatures will have a catastrophic effect.

"I would like people to leave after observing the documentation that the language is so affected that without human intervention it will die," said Dr. Dobrovolski.

The film reveals a lack of cooperation between the government, marine scientists, activists, politicians, local leaders and the general public as a key factor in the rapid decline of reef health.

The budget for the Great Barrier Reef Marine Authority Park has been hit back by successive governments.

Tickets: $ 25 per adult, $ 20 Franchise (pensioner, senior, student). Book online at www.thej.com.au.

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