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How to set autoresponder messages on vista

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application on Android. Most people use it to be in touch with friends or family, although it is also used for work problems.

Given its importance, it is likely that people at any given moment can not respond to messages. Because they went on a trip or simply because of lack of time. In case you do not want to lose contact options, There are auto-reply messages This can be a good help.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp There is no native function that allows you to create auto reply messages, Although you can turn to other applications. For the task we've produced, there's a very useful app on Google Play.



There are many apps in the Play Store Designed to take advantage of WhatsApp. One of them is WhatsAuto, noted for automated responses. It's the same as other auto-responder applications, like Gmail, for example: its use is very simple.

When downloading WhatsAuto You must grant certain permissions to work without those involving privacy risks, beyond the fact that the application reaches message messages.

Download WhatsAuto is free. There are purchases and notifications within the app, but they do not prevent automated responses from being used.




Automated answers with WhatsAuto

Personal response

WhatsAuto offers many options when creating these automated responses using WhatsApp. Also, also Works with other messaging applications, such as Telegram.

One of WhatsAuto's keys is that it allows you to create a generic autoresponder message. If you want it is also possible Choose which people receive the auto responses When the application is active. In this way only the most important contacts will be aware of the unavailability.

There's another interesting feature WhatsAuto: It's the conversation Personal response. Thanks to it, you can customize automatic responses when you receive certain text, even when you receive a message that contains certain words.

In the custom response you can choose between Exact match (Send an automatic response when you receive a specific message) or It contains (Automatic response if the message includes some of the words mentioned). This is another configuration WhatsAuto makes more customizable.

How to create automated answers with WhatsAuto

Auto Answers WhatsAuto

Once the main functions of the application are known, it is time Create automatic responses To use WhatsApp. Once the application opens, and given the necessary credentials, it is time to start. The application interface does not have too many complications, with three parts in mind. You must enter automatic responses to create House, the first one.

After the automatic response option is enabled The application allows the user to choose how he wants to create such a response. There are a set of default texts in the app, which are the typical generic response messages. The application also allows you to write your own text.

When the text to be used is set, go to the Contacts section. Where you can choose Contacts will be automatically answered When they send messages through WhatsApp.

After selecting the contacts, The process is over. Therefore, when a message is received in WhatsApp, an automatic response is returned to the contact you have written. This is perfect for when holidays come, when you drive or for any other reason that can not be answered at the moment: with automatic response the contacts will be calmer.

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