Tuesday , January 26 2021

"I do not miss playing and I do not feel like training either"

Former player of the Argentine National Basketball Association former San Antonio Spurs figure, Emanuel Ginbili, He felt he was feeling "magnificent" And it's fun "I could not do more than 20 years", During a meeting led by his brother Sebastien Baha Blanca and participated as an observer after retiring from the activity.

"I'm unemployed, I have free time, so I'm happy to be in this court, I have not done many years, I do not miss the game, I do not feel like practicing and I'm in the process of moving away. Using my time to be with my kids, with my family and seeing friends, I'm great and I can be in November and December in Baba, something I can not do since 94 ", Continued "Mano".

"I came to spend the summer in the Eck, long ago I could not do it, go to Monte Hermosu, be Baha, go see my political family, a little everywhere and enjoy the" warmth "of Argentina, as always touched me July or August", Continued, very calm, the former crack of the golden generation, 41 years old.

On the project that has the former player "Papa" Snchez in the basket Baha to build stadium and training center of the first level, Ginbili stressed: "It's a new situation to see the team in person, but I always see it on television." When I was a free day and did not play, I tried to see the group, and I hope that these dreams of "Pappe" (Sanchez) and projects and challenges will bear fruit. , Worthy of being supported because it is something that does not happen anywhere ".

"I was completely surprised, I went to see it last week and was shocked, this initiative really deserves to be supported, because it is something that is not done anywhere in South America", Concluded the former Bavarian star, who had several contacts with the press that followed him closely.

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