Monday , January 25 2021

"I still want to go back to the river, but every time there is less time because of age"

Alejandro Domin Dominguez, Better known as the "Chori Domnguez ", Is a well-known former actor and actor of the River. In a dialogue with the Mipper Sport Sper Sport program, I continued that I celebrated with each of the Kiddush crew's Marcelo Gallardo B Libertadores Cup before Mouth And ensure that a set of Nez He has "enough weapons" to win the World Cup in the club.

An Olympiacos player from Greece analyzed that "Madrid is Madrid, as soon as this happens." However, he has faith that a millionaire can "get a great result" against the merengue team. As for the end Libertadoras, Rejecting that "the river was excellent in both games" and that "there is a big difference with the rest: always try to play football."

"Chori", Which was the key along with Fernando Cavanaghi When he returned river "Today we enjoy seeing the Ace River, I still want to go back, but there's less time to go," he said. Time to age, see the Boca River and say how nice it will be to be inside. "

On the other hand, he gives his support Fernando Gago For the new injury. "It's a huge sadness, after so much effort he made after every injury, I send him all the strength and he can recover quickly." These are psychological injuries and this is something, like it or not, should be treated by a professional. possible opinion.

Finally, emphasizing the premiere of river B World Club, Next Tuesday, 18 at 13.30, immediately after the Kiddush, Veri expressed: "As a player you are not aware of the historical context, the other day you think about the next game," concluded: "Focus on football there is a big difference of river with The rest, always trying to play football.

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