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"If I had no help I would not have to eat"


Hours before the gesture to And Fontaine (87) and Hector Lerea (80) On National Radio, yesterday, The famous narrator, who spent two and a half years living in the rehabilitation and geriatric clinic in Buenos Aires, admitted "I have to say" (America) that if it had not been for the help he received, he should not have eaten.

According to Fontaine's story, the owner of the clinic, who is now in his home, showed his daughters the house and told them, "This is where your father will be." "We do not have money to pay for it," one of my daughters told him. "No one talked about money, I was talking about attention," recalls the announcer, who also named the owner of the place. Salvador Litenberg"he said.

At the same time, asked about the situation in the country and the incidental government, "I respect him politically, I voted and I am more than ever involved in the truths that others say," admitted after this question. He continued: "I think it will take longer to balance the many, if I do not have the support of Salvador, I have nothing to eat, it's so easy to have a retirement from the lowest.

Finally, He made it clear that the money he had invested in buying a house for his daughters. "At the time they did not let me buy an apartment for me," he said.

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