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"If Messi does not come back we're in the oven" and the individual never told about South Africa 2010: Maradona's best expressions

Diego Armando Maradona To live a great moment. The Argentinian took the technical lead of Dorados with the Sinaloa team in the drop zone, but only in eight games did he turn the situation around and classify him as La Liguela for the promotion of the MX League.

On the eve of the duel with Minros de Zacatecas, the coach spoke Brand To remember his time Argentina national team. The 10th returned to defend Lionel Messi and directed against the rest of the class That he directed the World Cup in South Africa 2010. In addition, A review of the ability of Santiago Solari and Lionel Scaloni To Real Madrid and the national team, respectively.

"Messi is a friend of mine and I never go to a friend's bad talk, anyway, I tell him in the face, I do not tell him for an interview, Messi says it's a phenomenon and no more.There were players who entered the bathroom 20, but I never mentioned Messi. What Messi wanted was to change quickly, go out on the field and look for the ball, something many others had not done. They hid from the ", Was the first arrow Maradona threw against some members of the campus.

In this pattern, the names of Gabriel Heinze, Angel Di Maria, Juan Sebastian and Ron, Carlos Peacock, Gonzalo Higuain, Javier Masso, Rano and Serge Aguero were prominent.

In addition to remembering the Messi crying after elimination, He said unpublished details He left a few players exposed: "There is no point wanting to force a player who plays one way to do it from one, and put Messi on 4, to see how many times they get on it." There is no point in making him play differently. I love Messi, after 4-0 against Germany in the 2010 World Cup, I saw him crying in the dressing room … and I tell him more, It is angry who is angry: there were players in the 2010 World Cup that day already took the transition to Argentina. And Missy did not. Messi is a man of codes, so I heard him cry in the shower. "

"I do not know why they have that obsession with me and him." You could compare Messi with Ronaldinho, for example. Dinho It rained in Barcelona, ​​and yet no one remembers it. This is typical of Barcelona. Forget the idols very quickly. You ask Rivaldo there, after the goal of Mediacancha to Atlético or Chile to Valencia. No one remembers him. You know how the newspapers in Barcelona are, they'll always want us to fight, but I eat a barbecue with Messi, we play soccer tennis and we're happy. Maybe people think that to be able to talk to each other, we have to go with our ladies. No, on the contrary, we see ourselves better in a short pantalocito, barefoot and a shirt, "he says.

When asked about Massi's final return to the national team, Maradona was blunt: "I think so, Will have to return, because if we are not in the oven. We do not have a player who pulls a wall … but in the meantime, rest. "

Other phrases of Maradona:

"I think I'm going to Manchester for a week to see Mourinho's train and ask him a lot of things, he's the best, no doubt. For me, Mo is better than Pep Guardiola"

"I'm just saying that Scaloni and Solani have no back to support such groups. But, well, if they were to be put by the decision of the President of AFA and the President of Madrid, but I do not think they are drawn for a long time. The technicians must burn steps and burn them. "

"I have a good relationship with Con Aguero is a great father and a fantastic boy. "

"Cristiano gave everything to Madrid, he did not have as much fun as he does now in Italian football … and Florentino lived very well, when he saw that Ronaldo was only getting one goal for the game, he sold it, he let her go."

– "Madrid will recover, will win again, there will be a big squad, but it's true CR7 He continues to score, and people wonder why it is sold. But I always say Florentino is smart and if he releases him, it was something. "

– "I can say I'm happy, I remember just so much happiness in the coaching staff where my parents were (Deportivo Mandiyú de Corinths)".

"I know that many children doubted whether I was coming on vacation or coming to work, I noticed some of them, I told everyone, I sat them down and talked to them for about an hour … I do not go on holiday, I have many more places to go to the cows, and even better than Koliakan And with a better friend. " And from there, the children understood my message.

"" I understood them from what teachers like me like Flaco Menotti, Basil, Zordo Lopez, Antonio D'Acorso, and Bellardo himself … although I learned less than Billardo, because my style is completely mentalistic. The memories of Angelo Capo are unavoidable, and of course, another Fernando Sinorini that I will not find. "

"I cried a lot because of Codisell, I do not laugh at someone's health, nobody likes to be sick, but … if he touched him, it was something."

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