Saturday , January 16 2021

"If we play against Real Madrid it will be 50 and 50"

The leadership of River Plate, Enzo Ferenc & Scoli, Make sure they have the "The same chances" Real Madrid In the case of the Nez team turns to Merenque in the finals of the World Cup in the UAE club, where those headed by Marcelo Gallardo are already preparing for the semi-finals even though they still do not know the opponent.

"This is the previous game that was not easy and it will not be easy this time as well, imagine that everything works well and that everything is on the right track, I think this Real Madrid is like last year who supposedly came better and has very important young players who grew up in the club, They are very important, I do not believe much about how the big teams come to certain games ", Analyzed Uruguay.

And I continue with my final compromise with Madrid: "We are at a disadvantage in terms of class and budget, but the reality is that if we reach the semifinals and we have to deal with Madrid, it will be 50 and 50. I believe in our team like Madrid these latest matches would have won every 4 to 0".

On the other hand, the former Dolo of the band referred to the possible march of Exequiel Palacios to the Madrid team: "I do not give it to Palacios (Emilio) Butraggio consulted me about Aqualeel, but we did not officially talk to him, and we stayed with him, who spoke to me by the name of Florentino Paris, which we were about to do when the World Cup was over. Many that can happen, then look ".

And the return of other players with a successful past towards the river, Francois Scully concluded: "I've never spoken to Javier Matsu and Raul Falcao, what they always say was part of the press, it's a lot more sense than them and see if they can go around and in what way they do it, because one thing is they have the door to open up All players and it has been proved, but then it is a tactical technical decision of the moment when the establishment is ".

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