Thursday , July 29 2021

"If you must, there are no reinforcements": AFA asks the clubs to file a debt free

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) has closed "prevented" records for the registration of players, until clubs participating in Superliga (SAF) confirm "Legally there are full payments for any purpose salaries of their players".

Thus, in accordance with SAF regulations, it is mentioned in the official bulletin in which it clarified that "free debt" must be dated by November 30 of this year.

"(…) states that the prescriptions for the registration of players are kept in a preventive manner until the clubs legally confirm that they have full payments for the concept of wages of the players in their service, until 11/30/18 inclusive," AFA reported.

In the bulletin with the number 5581, AFA added that "clubs that accept the free debt of the Argentine football players (FAA) in accordance with the provisions of Article 3, Section 4 of the 557/09 CCT, will remain automatically activated to incorporate players."

The goal, as explained, is "Avoid unfair occupation in different skills, Collective conflicts and thus contribute to the healthy development of it to play fair financial.

The history of Newell

The Rosarino Club was involved in a scandal in November 2017.

When AFA sought the affidavit with free debt, the institution presented some dilapidated documents.

It turns out that Newell's millions owe the late-pay players. The AFA discovered the club and punished him by three points.

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