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Internal Court: Secret votes and beatings to the government by pensioners – 12/12/2018

Although the outcome was tentative from Monday night, not even when they were face to face in a meeting of agreements on Tuesday five judges of the Supreme Court bleached each other off the details of their voices and reject the argument against the law of slogans in Santa Cruz. At this level of distrust, five members of the Supreme Court are moving today. Just in the afternoon, each in his office, separately, would sign the signatures. Most of the news have been occupying major places in online portals for hours. Clarin confirmed this early.

At least some background feed the suspicions between Carlos Rosenkrantz, Elena Highton de Nolasco, Ricardo Lorenzetti, Horatio Rosetti and Juan Carlos Maqueda. The most serious: in one of the previous meetings discuss the failure of retirees to be known next week The information was leaking to the government Prompting an official decision by the administration to remove arguments for a possible resolution. These preparatory meetings, as usual, are between lawyers who respond to each member of the court. Is server?

Another member of the Supreme Court says that after another meeting, in this case for the Santa Cruz issue, his phone started ringing. It was only an hour It was called by a clerk of Mauricio Macri Trying to "persuade" him to change his position. Other questions: How did Rosada discover?

Distrust does not end there and almost reaches school Topics: The court judge believes that he copied some of the arguments Imposed on the judgment authorizing the restriction of the benefit of 2×1 to those convicted of crimes against humanity.

Part of this climate affected the fact that in mid-November it was decided to formulate an agenda with the most sensitive failures to be lifted by the end of the year. To prevent any rejection, they agreed to distribute it to the media. This is not a small detail: by then, the government had already given up its concerns about the possible economic impact of negative rulings on the issue it had left. Y There were some members of the court suggest kicking the bag Until 2019. Now they were engaged in public.

Exactly the case that will define the formula for calculating the salaries and indemnification of pensioners who will pay their attention to the state is the one that will close the hot agenda of the year.

In this matter, a certain claim was chosen (Orlando Blanco's), but in the court there are another 7,000 similar cases and the decision can be extended to 150,000 cases throughout the country. According to the calculations of the experts, if the failure is positive for Blanco (and the index is taken into account rather than RIPTE) it will fit There is 31% higher Which offers the ANSeS with a historical correction. Y 50% more retroactivity By the accumulation of these differences over 15 years.

"Everything that will be resolved in the Blanco affair will be applied by the court to the remaining 7,000, which must be signed one by one in the weekly agreements that the judges have." January Fair, and the other 150,000 cases, It is assumed that ANSES will cease to appeal Then the situation would normalize and retirees would charge more. The lower court judges and the cameras are already failing according to the highest index, "he explained. Clarin expert

As he was able to reconstruct this diary, There will already be at least three votes ready to fail in favor of retired. On the one hand, Lorenzetti and Makoda have a background in social security, where they determine that the ISI is the equivalent. For them will be added at least, Horatio Rosati, a single enema of the body. Rosenkrantz has made the decision, but he prefers to invite her. As in previous cases, Hitton produces doubts.

In the government itself acknowledged a high source that "in the case chosen, It would be strange if they failed against the plaintiff"With a reasonable loss, management will be satisfied with some limit in court decision, so those who received the historical compensation can not join the lawsuit.

Pink Sent to various officials and leaders To try to turn the decision. One of them was the head of ANSeS, Emilio Basavilbaso. He did not answer the answers he had expected. At least a few letters.

Beyond the legal root of the case, the court is also disturbing Political-social seasoning. For years, every week, a parade of retirees goes to Telcaho Palace Street for various claims. One of the methodologies of the protest is to "take a list" of members of the Supreme Court. As they call them, they put some insult behind him. The screams, the microphone, reach the judges' offices.

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