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Ironically, the guest fund responded to Gisela Barto on her theory of the danger of anal sex – 11/09/2018

After a controversy created around the alleged dangers of anal sex according to the theory of the former vedette Gisela Barto, A guest fund He responded with irony, and then asked that his message as "promotes ignorance and misinforms".

Barrett, who has already disavowed social networks because of her position on abortion, while the debate on decriminalization takes place in Congress, has now described a controversial theory about the danger of a viral sex.

On her Internet program, the religious activist started her story: "We go back to anal relations, open the glass upstairs and I can take the water, I sit at a table with many people at dinner and I decide that because it is my glass and it belongs to me, "He said.

"But when the glass is in the row, the bottom is up, If I hold the bottle and pour the water in the revolving glass, what will happen, the water will make all the guests bloom, including me … I'm going to answer my glass and I with my pussy to do what I want, Added a passionate militant against sex education in schools.

"That is what they teach the boys, because with your body you do what you want because with your right you can have sex, but no sir, you can not because you hurt yourself, and you degenerate," said Barreto, and he added : "The same applies to the glass, if I serve, I get wet with the water, wet the diners and I bother. It's disrespect. "

The response of the fund's guest was loud and beeping: "If at the end of this week you intend to use a glass, it's with a condom."

Twitter of the guest fund.

Twitter of the guest fund.

Later, without being deterred by humor, he warned: "Even if it's funny, spreading these messages promotes ignorance and information, helps us continue to raise awareness of sexual and reproductive rights."

Twitter Foundation Guest.

Twitter Foundation Guest.

The Argentine condom company Tulipan exploited the controversy and implications of Barto's theory of social networks, and ironically asked people to take care of themselves.

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