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It will be the protection of the river – 11/26/2018


After a weekend in the black history of Argentinian sports, Boca presented a file in Cumboull, which requires the application of Article 18 of the disciplinary regulation, that there are sanctions between the fine and the river, the determination of the outcome or the dispute of the game in another country. There are many variables. Given that, Milo did his defense (was up to 16 today) before the meeting on Tuesday in Asuncion, which will be Rodolfo D'Onofrio, Daniel Angel and Alejandro Dominguez, presidents of Milo, Boca and the Confederation of South America Respectively.

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What is River Protection? To clearly distinguish the current case with that of 2015, pepper pepper in Bombonera. Gonzalo Malo, the club's lawyer, is responsible for this issue along with Ignacio Villarreal, secretary of River, who is also a lawyer. They will travel with D'Onofrio. Three years ago, aggression was in the field of the field – in half, in the stadium, where each club can have an internal control.

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"We can not do police"

Rodolfo D'Onofrio, River President. Video: TNNews

In 2015, the Conumbol's disciplinary unit reported that the internal control operation had failed, in which Boca was associated with private security. And from the river she confirms that at the last final it was in an outdoor field to the club, where there can be no intervention, which is the responsibility of the city police. This is the great argument that Asuncion lawyers will present.

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They paved the monumental stadium

"It's not the same situation." This time there was a buzz, one who cut the sleeve, another with gas in the middle of the game, broke the private security. Nothing happened Saturday outside, they were not inside the security ring of the river, it was the responsibility of the state "Said D'Onofrio. He added: "The note we signed is not a secret, it is public, it was written by Conmebol, and he said it was only meters from entering the ring of the stadium, that's important, River could not be responsible. Can do more, it is clear that there is a procedural error. "

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"I'm convinced he's going to play the river and the public"

The president of the river spoke after the suspension. Video: Fox Sports

It will also be presented as the previous one – other things – what happened with Independante and Flamengo in Sudana in 2017, in which the Brazilian fans were incident heroes near the Del Rojo Hotel and also combed the red microprocessor. Finally, Conambol opened a file and designed the wonder with two games behind closed doors and an economic fine. But Maracana's game was played and Avellaneda won the trophy.

The Flamengo sanction on events with Independiente in Sudamericana of 2017.

The Flamengo sanction on events with Independiente in Sudamericana of 2017.

In addition, no less, it is present in the letter signed on Saturday by the directors of each club commit to play on equality.

The document is signed by Alejandro Dominguez, Daniel Engel, and Rodolfo D. Onofrio.

For now, this Tuesday, from 11, Onofrio, Angel and Dominguez will be face-to-face to define what is going on with the Copa Libertadores 2018. "The Conambol will tell us what day and what time it will play What happened outside the stadium, what you need to achieve is that Boca players are in play mode, "explained River President, confident that the champion will be set on the field.

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