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It’s shining in Banfield, Glardo wants it and dreams of being a champion against Boca

Banfield Is perhaps the big surprise of Diego Maradona Cup. With a team full of teens, The team led by Javier Sangonti will be looking to become a champion against Boca. And one of the main culprits for this present is Martin Piero, A great character and notebook in the victory over San Lorenzo that gave the classification, The 22-year-old has a history related to Xeniz’s classic rival.

Eleven from Benfield to shout champion
Bordgarei and the final with Boca:
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Born on September 11, 1998 in Peskanas, a town of less than 3,000 inhabitants located in the province of Córdoba, Piero started playing football at the age of 5 in the Independiente de su ciudad. Thanks to his good level He managed to reach the bottom of a river, but after a while in a millionaire, returned to his town. Although Nonis’ entity will cross its path again.

Al Teldro performed in his lifetime in 2015 and after two years there came the most anticipated moment: his debut in the first division. He achieved this at the age of 19, on December 4, 2017, when he came in to replace Eric Remedy In the defeat to San Martin de San Juan, under the guidance of Julio Cesar Falkioni.

However, In mid-2019 he was loaned out for a year to Talers, in exchange for Junior Arias’ arrival at the drill, Where he played 18 games and scored a goal. His mission was halted during the quarantine carried out by the Coronavirus epidemic and he was forced to return to the Southern squad. Sangointi gave him the opportunity and became the facility of the eleven openers.

Leather, in the entrance hall of Boca - Banfield:

But before this great moment that lives, In 2019, River doors to Cordoba reopened. The footballer caught the attention of Marcello Galardo, But in the end there was never a concrete offer for him to travel to Noniz. “I heard there was an interest in River, but my head was in Benfield. It’s football, if it had not happened, it would have been something … In the future it seems, now I want to establish myself in the first league.”, He announced in his Diego Maradona Cup debut that it’s exactly against the millionaire.

Piero has already been established in first class, going through the best moment in his initial career and together with his drill teammates. I’ll have a historic opportunity for the club this coming Sunday when you face Boca at St. Juan’s Stadium Looking to become a champion.

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