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"Judge Bono's floor the stick, Christina did not charge peso for the book," said one of the former president's lawyers – 04/30/099


One of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner's lawyers said that they had taken precautions with the publisher who published the memoirs of the former president, anticipating a pre-request for an embargo on advertising earnings.

"Judge Bondio put the stick on this occasion, Because we knew it would go after the royalties, author rights, "said Gregorio Dalbón in FM Futurock, adding that the former president "Did not take any weight on the book Sincerely" and hence "No weight can catch him".

The lawyer said the former president did not charge in advance for royalties and that only when he was collected for sales, "Money will be available to justice as it should be".

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The judge, who makes the reasons for the notebooks and other files investigated by Unidad Ciudadna's senator, asked the company of Sudemericana to send the contract "within five days" and informs him that he himself is dictating a "general delay in assets" which the company "should avoid paying payments" to the president The former on the sales of her book.

"It's an idiot that Bonadio wants to catch something Cristina does not haveIt's like he wants to catch the thing himself, "he said ironically.

The author requires between 5% and 12% of the total invoice For book sales; The average is usually 10% because the maximum limit is reached only by authors who become most recognized.

Given this percentage (10%), Due to the immediate success of "Sincerely" Since his debut at the Book Fair, in the first three editions of the publication (60,000 copies) In a price of 600 $ For each book, total $ 36,000,000.

Therefore, the profit that Christina Kirchner would get as the author of her memoirs would be $ 3,600,000.

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"Bondio of books and publishers do not know, he makes copies of the corner vague, and did not understand it The senator was about to take precautions and was available to the court with royalties and royalties"Insisted Christina's attorney.

And he explained that the delay of goods is maintained, so the former head of state did not collect the profits from its advertising.

Dalbón argued that when the legal proceedings in which the former president is involved, where he stressed that "innocent", the money you receive from the book will be your property and you will surely donate to the hospital Gutierrez de La Plata, or another institution

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In the case of notebooks, Judge Bondio seized Cristina's property for 4,000 million pesos, Considering it the head of an illegal association dedicated to bribe state contractors. Then, The federal government reduced the amount of this embargo to 1,500 million pesos.

Bondio signed the letter on Monday, shortly before applying for a license for 15 days, a period during which he would be replaced by his colleague Sebastian Casanello.

The former president returned from Cuba after visiting her daughter Florencia, who is assisted by the Medical and Surgical Research Center of the Health Ministry (CIMEQ).

"Unfortunately, the treatment was done and Until he released him, he could not go to Argentina"Said Christina Kirchner's lawyer.

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