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Juventus vs Manchester United live broadcast live for free via ESPN 2 with Cristiano Ronaldo to Group H of the Champions League


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All of Italy is paralyzed with the big game Juventus vs Manchester United will be played today (15:00) ONLINE Live way ESPN 2) On the fourth day of Group H of the Champions League. In addition, all events and full summary of the game can be tracked using Lí

Minute after minute Juventus vs Manchester United:

Second time

90 & # 39; Four minutes of extra.

89 & # 39; Yang's free kick, Pugba tries to head, but Alex Sandro eventually gets his goal.

Wow-Wow of the United winner!

86 & # 39; A free kick was fired by Juan Mata. The Spaniard takes a beautiful shot shot shot that overcomes the barrier making useless stretch Szczesny.

Wow-Wow of the United winner!

83 & # 39; UFFF! Shot by fighting, great to rescue by Szczesny and then Chiellini cleans the ball from his area.

82 & # 39; Changing Juventus: Get in Barzagli, Exit De Sciglio.

78 & # 39; Change Manchester United: Get into Fellaini, Alexis Sanchez leaves.

76 & # 39; UFFF! Zapatazo from Pianic from the middle of the distance, the ball is grazing the pole.

75 & # 39; Yellow to Dibla (Juventus).

73 & # 39; It just failed Square! The Colombian leads Mona, passing Cristiano on the right, who returns the ball to Juan Guillermo, who sets the goal above.

69 & # 39; Manchester United change: enter Markus Rashford, C. Leanghard leaves.

64 & # 39; A long ball to the back of the defense Cristiano Ronaldo sets with an impressive volley to hit De Gea.


61 & # 39; Central to the United Zone, Cuadrado will head the ball, eventually leading to a missing referee opponent.

56 & # 39; De Sciglio tries to cross on the right, but eventually ends up missing a pug.

51 & # 39; Young lies on the field after Alex Sandro's accidental run.

49 & # 39; UFFF! Dybala gets in the area, makes space and takes the shot-leg shot that crashes on the pole.

52 12 The second part starts at Juventus Stadium.

End the first time!

& # 39; + 1 & # 39; UFFF! Cristiano Ronaldo fired it ends into an opponent and ends in a corner.

45 & # 39; One minute of extra.

42 & # 39; UFFF! Central area, Chiellini will finish, but before Ander Herrera seems to postpone the ball into a corner.

Colors 12 The stored union is saved! Cristiano Ronaldo, opens to the right and takes the center of the flush that no partner of Portuguese was not set up.

Adsylon UFFF! The dybala volley that goes straight to the angle, but the pug comes off with the head.

34 & # 39; The one that failed in her room! Cristiano reaches the bottom line, pulls back the pass and Sami sets up a bad ball and hits the post. If he hit him well, it was a goal.

33 & # 39; Salvador de Ge! A complicated auction of Cuadrado, which exceeds the odds and requires the English goalkeeper to draw a saving hand.

32 & # 39; Manazo Alex Sandro to Andre Herrera, which causes the judge to scold, but not to warn Juventus.

30 & # 39; Juventus opportunity! Khedira shoots that saves without trouble de Gea.

27 & # 39; UFFF! The last center of Pogaba to Alexis, who can not shake the ball.

23 & # 39; A series of Juventus auctions that collides with some opponents until Chiellini tries to finish, but eventually knock Alexis off before.

21 & # 39; Alexis crosses the ball, but Smalling plays a penalty kick.

15 & # 39; Juventus opportunity! Cristiano gets in 3/4 of the court gambling for the auction, and the ball passes just straying from De Gea's goal.

13 & # 39; UFFF! A great collective move by Juventus, Cristiano center for Bono's head, but the ball goes a bit.

12 & # 39; Yellow by Matic (United) for a serious foul on Dybala.

9 & # 39; UFFF! Bentancur gets the edge of the area, taking the shot, but the ball hits Smalling and ends in the corner.

7 & # 39; More from the union! Arrival with Martial, who looks and takes the shot, but deviates from the opponent.

6 & # 39; The experience of the alliance with Alexis, who is no longer getting good defense of Juventus.

4 & # 39; UFFF! Dybala center Cristiano Ronaldo, who climbs tops, but he shot the shot at Lindelof.

3 & # 39; A good move by United is not coming anymore because of a very high center and Young moved by right.

1 & # 39; Start the game at Juventus Stadium.

– Manchester United dressing and warming room before the game against Juventus

-The costumes and arrival of the "Bianconero" players at Juventus Stadium.

Arrests of Juventus against Manchester United:

Juventus: Chennai, De Siegelio, Chillini, Bonocci, Alex Sandro, Dre, Finick, Bantancourt, Dibla, Ronaldo, Square.

Manchester United From Gea; Young, Smalling, Lindelöf, Shaw; Maatik, Pugba, Herrera; Lingard, Alexis, Fighting.

the previous

Again the character of the game will be Cristiano Ronaldo. Luso will start and seek to score his first goal in it Champions League, But, above all, ensure with their qualification Juventus in the round of 16 where Barcelona This is the first team confirmed in this case.

"Things are going well now, but at this time the headlines have not been taken in. Tomorrow we can reach the first goal of the season and then we'll think about Sri. It will be important to get to Mars in full," he said. Massimiliano Allegri.

From the front, Jose Mourinho Analyze what it will match. Tomorrow's game is very important, but it's not essential. We want to win, but then there will still be two games to play to get the qualification. "

On the other hand, Paul Pogba He also dared to speak, but not from the party, but from Cristiano Ronaldo. "It's a great thing for Juve.It's always better to have players like Cristiano on your team, for whom making goals is like drinking water.Playing champions like him, Messi or Nimer It's a pleasure for everyone "

Juventus vs Manchester United LIVE possible

Juventus: Szczesny; Boto, Chili, Sandro; Square, Bantancourt, Finnitz & Metodi; Dibla, Christian.

Manchester United From Gea; Young, Smolting, Lindelof, Shaw; Maatik, Pugba, Herrera; Fighting, Alexis, Rushford.

Juventus vs Manchester United Live Times of the World

Peru, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador: 13.00

United States: 13.00 (ET) / 12.00 (PT)

Honduras, Guatemala, Dominica, El Salvador and Nicaragua: 14:00

Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Puerto Rico: 4.00

Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile: 5.00

Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Portugal: 10.00

Juventus vs Manchester United LIVE Guide channels

Argentina ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 South

Australia Optus Sports

Austria Austria

Azerbaijan CBC Sports Azerbaijan

Belgium Proximus 11+, Q2 Belgium

Bolivia ESPN2 South, ESPN Play South

Bosnia and Herzegovina HRT 2

Brazil Esporte Interativo Plus

Canada Dazn

Chile ESPN2 South, ESPN Play South

China PPTV Sports China, CCTV-5

Colombia ESPN2 Andina, ESPN Play South

Costa Rica ESPN Play North, ESPN North

Croatia HRT 2

Cyprus Cytavision Sports 2, Cytavision Live

Denmark Viaplay Denmark, Viasat Ultra HD, TV3 + HD

Dominica SportsMax App, SportsMax 2

Dominican Republic ESPN Play Norte, SportsMax 2, ESPN Norte, SportsMax App

Ecuador ESPN2 Andina, ESPN Play South

Egypt bein 4k evening, bein sport connect, bein sport hd 1

El Salvador ESPN Play Norte, ESPN Nort

Finland C More Sports 1, Viasat Sports Premium, C More Suomi

France RMC Sport en direct, RMC Sport 2

Germany Dazen

Ghana SuperSport 5 Africa, Canal + Sports 1 Afrique

No Cosmote Sports 5 HD

Guatemala ESPN Norte, ESPN Play Norte

Haiti SportsMax 2, SportsMax App

Honduras ESPN Norte, ESPN Play Norte

Hong Kong 662 Sports 2, 602 HD Sports 2

Iceland Stö 2 2 Sports 2

India Sony TEN 2 HD, Sony LIV, SONY TEN 2


Italy SKY for Italy, RAI play, RAI Ono, Sky Sports Ono, Sky Calcio 2

Jamaica SportsMax 2, SportsMax App

Japan Dazen

South Korea SPOTV on

Luxembourg RMC Sports 2, RTL 2

The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Mali Superstore 5 Africa, Canal + Sport 1 African

Mexico ESPN Norte, ESPN Play Norte

Monaco RMC Sports 2

Morocco bein 4K evening, bein sport hd 1, bein sport connect

Holland Ziggo Sports Racing

New Zealand Sky Sports 2 NZ, SKY for NZ

Play Norte, ESPN Norton

Norway Viasport 1, Viasat Ultra HD, Vialay Norway

Play Norte, ESPN Norte

Paraguay Play Now South, ESPN2

Peru ESPN Play Sur, ESPN2 South

Poland IPLA, TVP Live Sports Streaming, TVP Sports, Sports Pulse Premium 1, TVP1

Portugal Eleven Sport 2 Portugal

Puerto Rico SportsMax 2, SportsMax App

Qatar bein sport HD 1, bein sport connect, bein 4k evening

Romania Telecom Live TV, Telecom Sport 1 Romania, Digi Sport 1 Romania

Russia Матч! Игра, НТВ + Спорт Онлайн

Saudi arabia bein sport hd 1, sport bain connect, bein 4k saudi arabia

Serbia HRT 2, RTS 1

Spain Movistar Champions League 3, Movistar +

Sweden Viaplay Sweden, Viasat Sport Premium, Viasat Ultra HD



Tonga Sky Sports 2 NZ

Trinidad and Tobago SportsMax 2, SportsMax App

Tunisia bein sport HD 1, BEIN SPORTS connect, bein 4K evening

Turkey Digiturk Play, bein contact Turkey, bein sport Turkey

United Arab Emirates beIN Sports HD 1, beIN SPORTS CONNECT, beIN 4K Arabia

UK BT Sports 2, BBC Radio 5 live, TalkSport UK Radio, BT Live Sports

United States TNT USA, Univision Radio, Univision Deportes en Vivo, Univision, Univision Now, Univision Dataport, View TNT, B / R Live

Uruguay ESPN2 South, ESPN Play South

Venezuela ESPN2 Andina, ESPN Play South

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