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Lion will kill Cersei to be the real hero of Westeros – a game of chairs – it's a spoiler time!


You are still recovering from the last episode of A game of chairs? Us too! But that does not mean that we rest, on the contrary, as good fans We check every second The long night, Obsessive, trying to find out what's next.

of course, The great heroine of the night was Aryeh Stark. The youngest sister in the family of north He had certainly saved them all when, in total secrecy and skill, he had murdered The King Of The Night.

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Before that, small Stark There was a meeting with Melisandra. God A red woman, Which was also a foundation for the struggle of life against the dead, and lion They had already made their way in the third season. Name, Melisandra He predicted that the face would reappear, something that had materialized last night.

also, A red woman It seems very regular to me Aryeh Stark And she announced that inside the girl there was darkness, from which the eyes looked at her … brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, and she would close forever. Pushing her with the adage that her first teacher taught her, lion Remember that death must be said "not today!"And she decides to close her blue eyes forever, to destroy fear in a fantastic exercise The King Of The Night.

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Now, let's go back. Melisandra Talking about brown, blue and green eyes. Who killed lion Up to now?

With brown eyes, we have two candidates killed by a small one StarkYou Marin Trant and Walder Fry. The first, who tried to stop her, and apparently, to murder her teacher Sorillo trout. The other one is responsible for Red WeddingWhere? lion He lost his mother and brother majority.

The blue eyes were very clear that they were treated to The King Of The Night And we're still excited by the achievement, but his green eyes will be?

There is another death by the hand of lion That's it Peter Balisch. In the book, Littlefinger There are greenish-gray eyes, but in the series, the actor, Idan Gilan, Has blue eyes. also, lion She says it herself; she just held the knife, The person who gave the order was his sister, Sansa, So that he does not recognize the author of death. We think it's safe to abandon it then A little finger As a leading of that green eyes Stark It will close forever.

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However, there is someone on the list Aryeh Stark Who has this eye color: Cressy Lanister. The number one list, the mind behind almost all the tragedies that the home of north Since the first season, it's probably the missing victim lion To complete the prophecy of Melisandra.

How will he do lion To charge even the second biggest harp of the series? Everything seems to indicate prophecy Maggie Frog / and valonqar. In books, when Cersei Visit the witch Meggie, It predicts that he will die after his three children, in my hands valonqar, Which translates from high valyrio to something like a small brother. The most used to believe that little brother was Tyrion, Same Cersei I even got it. Still, many others looked up Jaime, Which, even if it was only a few minutes, is also a small brother of Cersei And is definitely on the path of salvation. His last good work could be to kill her, like the one inside her Theon There was a shield bran.

Now, how does it come from? Aryeh Stark With all this prophecy? There are two tracks: On the one hand, we can think about it Jaime Will die in some other way lion Use his faceless techniques, steal his precious face Jaime The posthumous thus penetrate Red Save to kill Cersei. This, somehow, was to complete the prophecy that the little brother of Reina It would be who killed her.

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The other way is related to translations. Elto and Valerio often had difficulties translating into our language. Specifically, it seems that there is a neutral gender, which does not distinguish female or male, As we have already seen with the prophecy of the prince / princess promised. it could be valonqar Do not say a specific brother, but can also be a little sister? And it does not necessarily have to be related Cersei, But just be one of the youngest in your family? Part of this was done with regard to possible participation Huron Graig Could have died of Reina, But if this role is also reserved for lionWho is also not the eldest in your family?

The only thing that bothers us in this theory is that the death of the two great villains will be in the hands of the same character. Many of us were disappointed by the lack of participation Danry and John They were in battle winter, Whether they will not be relevant to take over The iron chair? It costs a little to believe, though, that it is because Aryeh Stark, We believe that you have everything you need to fulfill the task.

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