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Lionel Scalloni: "Sampaoli knew I wanted to stay on the national team"


"Sampaoli knew I wanted to stay on the national team"

After a meeting at the AFA property with César Luis Menotti, the Argentina national team manager, Lionel Scalloni Agreed that the "local choice" will be another opportunity as long as "the calendars of clubs allow it."

"Today we meet with Menotti in the AFA area and here there is incorrect information that he never entered into the coaching team's decisions. Because of this I clarify what was recently mentioned by the local team, that we every day at Ezeiza and we can not train players, but only watch videos. But if at some point the possibility arises and the board opens, we will try to work with soccer players from here, "Scalloni explained in an interview with the newspaper More than football By Directive.

"Our great work now is that Lionel Messi does not bother others And that for example Giovani Lo Celso is in the same selection in Betis, because that will be what serves the national team. As for Sergio Agro, I insist he is in the race to be on the final list of America's Brazil jackpot, But if it was not the last time it was just because we wanted to give Lotto Martinez a chance, "continued the coach from Santa Fe.

On the lack of "Con" Agüero

In relation to his last criticism, Scalloni gave his point of view. "What can distort my work these days is to listen to the criticism they do to us, so we try not to do it, because with Walter Samuel and Roberto Ayala we are creating a rather closed group. For example, when I said that we are not facing the great powers of the world, they interrogated me, but this is reality, although if we act well, we can surprise more than one, "he said.

"I just know what I mean. After the World Cup in Russia I decided to continue my career alone And basically I was going to direct the sub-twenties, but I was in the Alcudia, They proposed to lead the central interim period and it was a surprising and difficult decision, but I accepted the challenge ", He added.

And this decision His relationship with Jorge Sampaoli, Who was exactly the one who took him to the national team's technical team, found that he had already said to coach Santos of Brazil before leaving the team that he wanted to stay. "So he resigned and we broke up, but I warned him before."

And he said: "The truth is that when I made the decision I knew it was not easy to be in front of the senior team because I was never led anywhere. That's why I told Pablo Iimer to accompany me, and I thought there would be only six games. What happens is that after everything has lengthened. "

The need to put "new blood" to the national team

Finally Scalloni spoke of the need "Putting New Blood" To the Argentinian team, though without detracting from the historical record that managed to reach the final three finals. "What I saw there being within the Argentina national team was The need to bring new blood to the group, new challenges for new players. So when I took over I took the courage to talk to some of the group's career to explain to them about this new situation of trying the guys who never wore their shirts. And that's what we are. "

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