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Lolita Ferrandi tells of her separation from Claudio Contardi: "I should have left the house with the children"


(Video: "PH, we can talk" – Telefe)

After ten years of relationship and two children in common, And Lita Ferrandi and Claudio Contardi They broke up in 2018. At that time, the model said They ripped off What was there "Uncompromising differences and lies " But when the distance was still on the surface, he still did not dare give any further details.

Last Saturday, during his transition PH, we can talk, Prandi said that in December he began divorce proceedings. Then, in February, she decided to leave the condominium with Contardi and her two children, Matthew and RoccoBecause He did not want to leave the house. Meanwhile, they spent many months living together under one roof, but separated with love.

In this sense he added:Then comes a terrible process: that of separation. Not only that, but also the legal things, the procedures, the bureaucracy, the visiting regimes. "

"I had to leave my house. He did not want to leave so I left with the children. Of course, now we have the time distributed to him to see them too. I rented an apartment, it's temporary, I'm in the divorce process. Recently we had a discussion, and although I started the process in December unilaterally, at this hearing we signed both, so it's a joint agreement, "he discovered.

In addition, he referred to the time when he lived with Contardi under one roof despite the separation. According to their testimony, they did so in order to avoid being angry with their children:One does things for children that are incomprehensible and supports many things. We were separated under one roof and lived in a completely unpleasant situation and to protect them. They preferred not to say anything and cry quietly. "

Andy Kuchenzoff, The driver of the program, asked him if he suffered "What kind of violence"And she replied:No, but there were many situations where we did not get along, And when a couple breaks down and needs to live under one roof, the conversation is different, and the tone is different. You had to start the divorce process yes or another, because otherwise he could have gone on like this forever and I could not go on anymore. "

Giulietta and Claudio met when she was very young. And after a few twists and turns, In early 2009 they began a love story that seemed indestructible. Thus, after two and a half years of courting, on Friday, October 21, 2011, and when her eldest son was nine months old, both of them They decided to move through the Civil Registry.

"What matters to me in life is to realize dreams And the truth is that it's a dream for me"Said Franjee at that moment excitedly, the witnesses to the wedding were Anna Vasquiel, the mother and son of Claudio's first marriage, and the celebration took place at the Guzacca Restaurant in Puerto Madero.

The following year, on October 27, 2012, Giulietta and Contradi reaffirmed their union with a religious ceremony and party writer Espagoio Pilar, who were broadcast live by the Gracias for Venir cycle, by Telefé, who at the same time, The model was part of Gerardo Rozín.

Then, Ferndi and her husband They started looking for a little brother for Mateo, Who came three years later to finish designing the family that Li always wanted. "This is a dream come true"He said at that moment, holding little Rocco in his arms.

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