Friday , May 7 2021

Luciana Salazar and the amazing story of the man who froze Lake Aspen to conquer her

The amazing story of Luca Jana Salazar (video: "PH, we can talk" – Talpa)

Luca and Salazar He told an amazing story of a man with whom he had a loving relationship, that in order to conquer him, He took her by plane to the United States and froze a lake so she could slip. "He told me: 'You do not have to prepare anything, if you want to come I'll send you the plane and that's it,'" the actress who was discovered on the show. PH, we can talk.

According to her testimony, a mutual friend introduced her to the same person, but the first date was not one of the best: "We got to know each other a lot on the phone and the first date was frustrated. He came to my house with a display that the guards asked me what happened: There were Castodians … We went to dinner and a friend came, because blind dates with me do not go.

"With me he would have loved but I had a lot of dealing with other people because it was all centered on me and I did not give a ball to the waitress or anyone. Not that he abused, but they talked to him and he did not answer. I did not like it, even though it was divine with me. Then I was sober, "Lolly revealed.

He left his house in Aspen and went to Punta del Este a few days later. Despite what happened, they continued to talk on the phone. "He strived for her a lot ", Promised the actress. He said they had come to talk eight hours a day. He thus "conquered," in his own words, and accepted his offer to board the plane to the United States.

She did not want to tell more details about the trip, but she did not want to Coco Cili, A friend of Lolly who was also on the show, "helped" to provide a full story. "She took the plane alone, with the flight attendants and pilots ", he discovered.

On the plane a gift bag awaited her and when he arrived he got her in his car, on the runway! "The truth is that he is a man who likes to entertain women, but with good vibrations, you do not have to ask for anything, he is in all the details.Do you like ice skating? I answered yes, and he said: 'If you want to skate I'll give you a hint' ", Said Lolly.

"It was quite a show because it was not that the lake freezes, you put on the skater and you're done, you have to do things, they had machines and all … I did the track, put lights around He also prepared the skates of different sizes ", Said Luli, before the surprised look Andy Kuchenzoff, Driver of the program.

Coco Cecily collaborated saying that, in addition, the man He filled a closet with clothes he had bought without her for her, Because he did not know if he would have comfortable clothes out there for a few days because he traveled directly from Uruguay.

"I am very grateful ", Lolly promised.

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