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Luciana Salazar and the luxury date in Aspen: Private jet and a specially frozen lake for her – 04/28/2019

Luca and Salazar Was one of the guests this Saturday "We can talk," and gave an anecdote of an eccentric romantic date he had with an entrepreneur.

"That man made her feel like a queen," said Coco Cecily, another guest of the night. What gave birth to Andy Kuznetsof, host of the program, who said: "What they say is that Yana wanted to skate on ice, there was no track and the shaman was sent to freeze the lake."

"No, it was not capricious," replied the actress and the model. "He's a man who likes to entertain women, with very good vibrations. You do not have to ask for anything, it's in all the details"He described.

Luciana Salazar recounted how they met: "The first date was frustrated, he came to my house, he came with a display and the guards asked me what was going on because I went with the Castodians. With me he was a lover but he had a lot of disagreement with the people who were aroundBecause everything focused on me and I did not give a ball to the waitress. "

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She was disappointed. But messages were still sent. "The guy cut me off, he wrote to me, it was hours and hours, 8 hours a day spoke and there he captured me," he admitted.

He was in Aspen (Colorado) and told him: "You come here, you do not have to bring anything, here I give you everything, I send you the plane and you come."

To which Coco Cecily added: "She is traveling alone on the plane with the flight attendants and the pilots."

In another dialogue, the businessman asked Luli: "Do you like ice skating? If you want, I'll give you a plot. "

"Obviously you had to make a whole layout, because it's not that the lake freezes, you put on skates and you go skate," said the actress. "

Look, too

And he gave more details: "You had to buy machines, you bought them for that, you made a skating board and I made you different skaters to try, I put some lights, everything."

Between laughter, Andy and the guests joked about the subject, to which the model also replied: "I am grateful."

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