Thursday , July 29 2021

Luis Ventura resigns from radio program: "I'm going to cry, with a dagger in my chest"

Throughout his career, Luis Ventura gave ample evidence that there was no peace. For this reason, it was not surprising that when communicating his resignation lit, The cycle headed by Radio Rivadia Adriana Salgueiro, The driver turned to all his words to give the reasons for his decision.

"Hey, it's 22:13, me Luis Ventura, I am the driver, one of the drivers of the cycle that has been in the air for two years. Two years it was done with a lot of effort, with a lot of creativity, with a lot of will power, beyond the negative conditions that the company entered, this radio. Unfortunately, we are forced to part abruptly, shamefully, in a very offensive way, because I believe we were not worthy of the way he communicates, in terms of the cycle"It began.

"I think we cut off injustice and as stated the honor of a whole group of work, in which we lost some soldiers on the road because they could not stand the fact of being almost two years free of charge A penny because this company, unfortunately, was stained by thugs, crooks, criminals, crooks, who had emptied a company that had emptied a radio that would really symbolize Argentine radio. They left it, the dispossession of a station that today is embarrassed by the conditions in which it is located. "

"And it hurts, It hurts in my heart that I was one of those who founded Martin's Pietro Prize exclusively for radio, to reward invisible workers like operators, announcers, so that evil and certainly negative people will take us to this point that we have to part in this way, To find out about WhatsApp, that the person who had summoned us, explained to us, accompanied us, was content to people only tired to put their shoulder, just listen to the voice that was a very stressful day not put inside, chest or heart, Day for two years, "he said.

"People left on the road, people who quit their family work hours, hours of their lives to dedicate them to the radio station, to the station of cock and owl, the station that had the glory of the Argentine radio, they passed through these microphones, Which was almost completely destroyed by a tsunami of criminals. I'm going to cry, I'm going out with a dagger stuck in the middle of my chest, I'm going out with my throat tied in touch, because I can no longer express the rage that decides me"He continued.

"It is shameful, what the people who have the responsibility and the fate of some of the remaining workers in this society are going to know with what they will be surprised, with what prickly prick they get rid of the last lab that are still on the barricade, waiting for someone to turn on light, all this darkness This darkness, In this disgraceful and shameful way, humiliating, I leave this house, the true glory of Argentinian radio, protruding, made a mess by the unskilled and the criminals who are increasingly on Argentine soil"He remarked.

"We are not looking for the explanations outside, the explanations and the solutions we have. Unfortunately the thieves, the cheaters and the criminals who took all the wire and emptied this society loose on the street, walk like real gentlemen. We do not know the face, but they exist and they have names and surnames, and they still enjoy the wire and heritage stolen on Radio Rybadia, "he said.

"it's a shame. I know that there are still people who are still listening to us. I know that there are a lot of people all over the country who continue to listen not only to Rybadia radio, but also to lit, Which has the corner. When they tell you the breadth and the truth you are lying, it is It's shame and theft, shame and robbery have made a microphone, "he insisted.

"That's what's left of this radio, really shame, that's how I go. Luis Antonio Ventura, ID 93.324.906. I say it here, in Antarctica and on the moon, and I say it in front of the first that crosses me. What they did with us, and with all the Radio Rebadia employees, is really degrading and shameful. Thank you very much to the listeners, thank you very much to my colleague, thank you very much to the Laburantes of Radio Rivadavia, which still stoically does the endurance, Because they are still hanging from the thread of hope. Good evening, "Frida concluded.

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