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Marcelo Gallardo's Puzzle: The effects that made him the most successful coach in the history of a river

To become one of the most successful technicians in the history of river With 9 titles (three local, six international), to earn the label of "Napoléon", Feel comfortable every time he goes to the field with "Muñeeeco, Muñeeo ", To finish the Kiddush Rising Boca in the Superfinal of the Libertadores Coupe, Marcelo Gallardo was nourished by various influences. To connect his puzzle as a coach, he used the knowledge from those who, during his career as a footballer, had left him with his teachings or tips to apply him to the reserve bench. And he also played on television, about the groups his identity offered him tools for his idea. Or opponents who gave him a live broadcast lesson.

In the book Galardo is monumental, From the journalist Diego Borinski, The technician himself agreed to spill from whom he took a game stroke, work methods or profile management group and then put it in practice with his title. "Gallardo is nourished by all his coaches, especially Marcelo Bielsa and Allegando Sabella", Pray the work. to crazy He had it on the national team. A Patchwork, In the river reserve and as a field assistant to Daniel Pasarella, in his beginnings as a link. "But my greatest influence is how I felt the game. Pass, control, support, options and help them think, to see things before, to solve the best possible advance. In football so fast and with so many friction, the hardest thing is to think fast, that's why we want to simulate real game situations, "he explained in the book.

"I always thought that good teams started from good players who came together and that's it, things went naturally, but And I listened to Bielsa and realized, by now, that there was something else. With him I discovered the influence the coach could have on the team", The coach explained the issues he contributed, the extended and aggressive pressure, the dynamics and the offensive efficiency are details that the Gallardo teams presented.

"Marcelo had a great connection to attack, he had all the virtues stand out in the same position. If the conditions necessary to play there, there is one who has nothing to do with the technique (making) or with the movement (demarcation), I refer to the imagination that allows to organize the possession, Play and delve into it with thought. Galardo had a talent for expressing what had happened before he got the ball with what he realized would happen after his participation. I made the attack in advance, Aiming the game at the place where the opponent was protected. I think that the resource that sets him apart and makes him a great coach is the way he assesses outside of what is happening inside the field. Know how to choose, but also fix ", contributed the crazy In the book. It is enough to see the doll of the doll for the second time of Superclásico who set the Libertadores to verify his last sentence.

I was in the Eighth Division Alejandro Sabella, Field assistant to Daniel Pasarla, first cited it for the reserve. He took him to the substitute bench, playing against Platanes. And he entered the second half. Since then, Marcelo Gallardo has forged a deep relationship Patchwork, Which channeled football. With Kaiser So much so that he is the godfather of Nahuel, his eldest son and a member of the professional team. However, the former defender showed him the "starting gate" twice in his career. One like DT, in his second river. And another president, the third.

Sabella, no. From him he learned a few tips on how to manage the group and how to help the youth develop and cope with the pressures. For example, the gesture of taking them out of the club and inviting them to eat at home, a practice he introduced even in his era as an actor, with cracks like Javier Massano. "Glárdo is undoubtedly one of the most decisive people in the history of a very large institution like a river, it is a stamp mark. He's a great coach, who made history. And I hope he will continue to do it because I love him so much, I appreciate it, I have great affection for it. He does a great job. It's Napoleon"Said Patra at a press conference on Wednesday, a test of unbroken contact, which left lessons beyond the ball.

Barcelona's Guardiola is probably the look that Gallardo wants to reflect, Beyond that Doll, Without losing the essence, match the game of your team with the tools which is considered and what your opponent can offer. Between the two points there are incalculable points, from the day of birth (18 January) to several movements. "I was a guest worker, it's true, it's not that I did not like to bother, but I had to avoid friction and contact because of my physicality, and my intention was to give the ball as fast as possible. In Barcelona, ​​"X10 declared in his book.

Although he was never encouraged to discuss face-to-face when with his coaching team he traveled to Europe to test training methods and live encounters after passing through Nacional de Uruguay, on 1 April 2014 he was present to analyze the Mancherter United 1 – Bayen Munich At the Bank) 1. Y In Vicente Lopez's office were Compaqas of Guaradiola's blogger (Also from Marigot, Milan, for his work under pressure).

Numerical superiority is one of the concepts that Gallardo is constantly crushing. At the same time, this is one of the winning cards where Guardiola constantly turns. "This is one of the aspects we have aimed in the first place and it worked very well for us, with much accuracy and speed. The numerical priority is generated by the outputA. If they have two strikers, with a goalie we are 3 against 2 or down the flyer we are 4 against 2, so we are advancing in the field, and when the opponent comes out, you touch the ball and leave it behind the line. Pass and you generated numerical superiority. If the middle are 3 against 3, with the defender that is added with a controlled ball they are 4 against 3. This gives a domino effect from back up front, "explained Matías Biscay at Monumental Gallardo.

Yes, the technical director who encounters the World Cup with the national team is "influencing" the Gallardo method. to Doll There was an alarm that there might be something interesting in September 2011. Universald de Chile abolished the Nacional for Sudaerica Coupe With 1-0 in Santiago 2-0 Montevideo (only 45 minutes before the game was suspended by a bullet received by the assistant referee). Despite the pain of defeat, Sampaoli's team made a big impression on him. "We lost against one of the best teams in South America"He said, a total dessert champion.

"I noticed how stressful they were, it was a totally offensive proposition, With direct attack is difficult to tolerate. At that moment I greeted Sampaoli and blessed him, "said Gladero in the book. Lefty Of Cassilda in videos that show the actors so that they understand what they want from their teams.

Sampaoli, a river fan, enjoys the era of the Gallardo. "Beyond success in the results, It is a river with a proposal related to the history of the club, Which is linked to an absolute hero. I see that there is a significant common intention between the groups we lead. This river of Gallardo created me access to the river world, I returned to fascinate from the fan ", closed the circle Samba.

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