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María Eugenia Vidal goes on a journey for the country: travels to Cordoba to support Mario Negri


Maria Eugenia Vidal Will leave the province of Buenos Aires for the first time in this election year. Unlike Horatio Rodriguez Larta Which was Neuquén and Santa Fe, the governor concentrated on her district, where her and Maurizio Macri's elections played and where inflation and poverty weigh in an electoral way. Now they need it in the center of the country, where the president broke records in 2015.

In Cordoba, we will not use the stamp of change and not because the intention to vote for the brand and Maurizio Macri fell, but because of internal differences in radicalism. Elisa Carrio is already in the region, which began the week in Santa Fe and will continue in the Mediterranean with its own agendas, and also with some of the joint activity with the Government's favorite, the head of a checkpoint of pro-government deputies Mario Negri.

The reason Carrió and Negri will not share 100% of the network is functional only, as explained Anaphobia: Separate will cover more sectors and cities.

As Negri asked, Vidal would arrive in Cordoba on Friday 26 and share his activities with him and Elisa Cario, all three of them together. The candidate of Cordova Cambia already celebrates the presence of the two women with the highest prevalence in public opinion and hopes that they will help him overcome electoral Ramon Mestre, candidate for governor of the historic list 3, After breaking the covenant, let us change that they were registered for "justice". Neither Rosada nor Negri agreed to face internal elections in the province without a stage and on May 12 they would face each other in the polls.

Although they assumed that Juan Schiaretti would achieve his re-election, no one would say that in operation. In any case, the main goal is to add as much as possible discount discount in favor of Macri for August PASS and Generals October. Probably also look for an exemplary result for those who want to ignore indications of Casa Rosada when it comes to choosing candidates and combining lists.

Vidal's goal is to return to visit all the municipalities in Buenos Aires, so Your trip will be a round trip day And no more than three hours of stay in the country of Cordoba. His speech, like that of the other national contenders, is to ask the vote to ratify the course and not to return to the past, corruption or bakeries.

On May 3 Rodriguez Larte will also travel to accompany Nagri and Hector Baldassi already in the last final nine days before the provincial elections.

Elisa Cario is the second pillar Negri will support for the next ten days. The national deputy, founder of Kambimos, has a series of activities designed to help her friend. It will not be alone. In the coalition the campaign time was split: Marianna Zubic and Maritzan Kevin were divided in the first six days and eventually Maximiliano Ferrero, a member of the National Committee of Kambimos and the legislator of the capital, will go.

The other character who plans to go to the Pinocch Carrio and support Negri is Mario Quintana, a former deputy prime minister once again a strong man around the president. Together with Lilita, they set up election strategies, together with Carolina Stanley, they seek to deepen dialogue with unions and social sectors. It is also the new political member of Carrió. She says she is "the best" of the government and that she relies on him as she did in the past with Ernesto Sanz much earlier with Fernando Pino. Solanas.

The leader of the civil coalition will be installed during the remaining 20 days of Cordova's election, after passing through Santa Fe, where she went on trips with Gore, and Coral and Anita Martinez, of Prof, the members of the formula for this stage will take place next Sunday.

This is another major election: the Progressive Front remains with some radical leaders (ministers, officials and some councils like Pablo Cain, who fought Rosario's candidacy for this space and turns to the socialist "Runica Irizar"). They deal with Omar Prouti and Maggie Ogg; Nia Bielsa in an internal strait that produces great expectations and can climb to third place.

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