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Mariano Martens' disappointment: "I'm devastated for creating something that was not"

Sebastien Estebanes was one of the first to change his position. And, as noted earlier, he rejected the accusation of Juan Rivera's accusation against Juan Darths that "the subject of the two," now he apologized to his former partner of "sweet love," in which scenes of harassment of the actor took place. Then Eva de Dominici went in the same direction: the condemnation of the violation of Thelma Farden, her former partner Petitu Pio, opened her eyes. And to apologize to Kahlo. Pacundo Arana did the same thing.

And like everyone else, Mariano Martens now went to her voice.

Mariano Mart

Mariano Martens

The difference in this particular case is that Mariano claims to be "shattered" because he is Darth's closest friend. Or at least it was until Tuesday afternoon, when Talma had moved a whole country with his testimony.

On Wednesday evening, still stunned by the accusation of the cow in 2009, when Fardn was 16 and Darths, 45, Martens left his message on Twitter. "I am devastated for creating something that was not, as I am sure there are many people, because yesterday I did not sleep, Freden, Cleo, my heart was torn by Thelma, and each of the women who suffered and suffered."

The actor, who said long ago that he had suffered abuse and harassment of a former partner (though he refused to reveal his identity), summed up his words and asked for justice, and with the phrase echoing yesterday the Argentinian Collective Societies: "Look how to wear."

Mariano Mart's chirping

Mariano Martens's chirp apologizes to Cle Rivero

In February of this year, and at the height of the medical dispute between Dartes and Rivero, Mariano had shown several pictures on the networks with the actor I had met in his discussions. It means love (2005). Taken in the privacy of your home and your three children, accompany the photos with a short but powerful text: "Visit a friend".


The day that Mariano Martens supported Juan Dart.

Today, Mariano is sorry he did not believe the word of Cleo, as many others did. But more regrets based on trust in Darth.

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