Sunday , May 16 2021

Marie Claire Day M (or as I discovered that menopause has arrived)

Let me introduce myself: me Miriam48-year-old mother wife journalist wife (not necessarily in this order).
Impatient, restless but routine. Taurine would say my friends.
All the common places, I know. Nothing in my life is glamorous or tragic.
I'm common. And curious. But very curious.
This curiosity is the one that led me to look for information about menopause, and at this point is putting my life upside down.
I tell you how it all began:
A normal day Victoria, my daughter, came from school and we all went to ice cream. My husband got a phone call and we had to run really. Well … actually.
I was left in the middle of the road, unable to breathe. I thought I was dying.
You must ask: And this? What does this have to do with menopause?

At that moment I discovered that no one was ready for this moment. Neither the doctors nor me.
I panicked and went to help. On examination, I had a serious shortage of iron. The doctor referred me to a hematologist and we treated her at the same time. The problem is solved or so it seems.
Fatigue did not disappear. If I had to add fewer fleas than I ever had, and my skin would have collapsed dry.
I go back to the doctor and at the same time ask the gynecologist, because my period has decided to be an uneducated guest.
It showed up when I wanted. Half a year ago he skipped a month or appeared twice. I, like a good freak control, could not stand it.
I told him about the iron and he asked me for a hormonal operation. To my clinician who had not thought of it since, it seemed to me, the fact that I was a woman and that I was 48 did not sound like a bell.
Or by a person or by prejudice. I do not know
The results are coming. Anxiety, I open it up and that was my first big mistake.
Diagnosis: Menopause fruit.
Then the second big mistake: run away and search for Dr. Google.
When the day of consultation and time came, I took out all the contradictory information I had read, which I could hardly congratulate.
A thousand questions came from my mouth. Doubts, fears, surprise.

Exactly, surprise: I am 49 years old, but seven years old, active life, I am pleased with how I look and the passage of time is not a topic for me.
That is to say, the farthest thing from my stereotype of what a woman of menopause can be (mistake 3: there is no "kind of woman in menopause", some women go through a stage of life, I've learned that).
I tell you the truth, my doctor is a great professional, but I did not have an answer to my questions. Or better yet, I could not contain myself at this point.
And my skin? Well, he 'il have to heat her more. How? What cream?
Your vagina can dry out and you need to lubricate it. What if I am allergic to a lubricant? How do I use it? Which one is the best? Ahh, what about the heat and the agony? …
In short, I left as I entered, or worse! Lost

So I decided to talk to friends my age and found that I was only menopause on earth and wanted to talk about it.
Oh, I forgot, those who have already passed it do not want to talk because "they do not remember" how it was.
And here begins the path that led me to want to talk about the subject in depth. No taboo, no limits, no fear.
I realized that menopause was always presented to me as the silver of something.
but no! I'm happy to tell you that this is just another stage in life, and we're going to spend it together. And why not, there's a good time. Because there are funny things too, well, how tragicly funny I'll tell you.

Kiss, see you in 15 days!

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