Saturday , January 16 2021

Mario Schajris, a super ugly duckling: "Darthés have to go to jail"

While the complaint about sexual abuse was filed against

Juan Darths

In Nicaragua, the country where the violation the actress condemned yesterday

Thelma Parden

Voices of support and reflection in the urgency of drastic change in the paradigm of the television medium. And while they review and investigate responsibility, those who were part of
Ugly duck, A strip which were part of Dartes and Pereden, seeking solidarity with the girl.

Marcelo Tinelli

, Who was sitting at the time ideas from the southern production behind the success –
Celebrated its last night's complaint that recognized the collective Actrices of Argentina. In a dialogue with NACION LA, Mario Schajris, author of
Ugly duckHe not only expressed his support for Thelma, with whom after the success of the Gaza Strip he worked on other occasions, but he was startled by the news: "I have great anger and I want [Darthés] Prisoner ".

The screenwriter,
That after the departure of Alejandro Stossel from the production company, which took place at the end of 2008, he stayed for several months at the head of the artistic direction of Ideas del Sur, confirming that he has no part in organizing the fictional tours, which in Latin America was sponsored by Daniel Greenbeck. The musical producer, in consultations with Los Angeles, confirmed that "the responsibility of the actors and all the artistic aspects of the show matched the producer Ideas de Sur."

"It's unforgivable damage, I can not understand it, it can hurt your sexuality, but I do not think there is negligence on the part of the production, what the wild thing does is beyond control," wrote the screenwriter. …
A duckling It was a success I do not know how he used this situation to take her to something so terrible. B
Ugly duck Everything was happy. We were all very happy. So far,
Ugly duck It was something very expensive in my career. I never knew anything about it. It was a surprise to everyone. "

According to players in the track and confirmed that the young players were always accompanied by adults. Usually, Brenda's mother Asnicar and Laura Esquivel's parents traveled with them to different cities that toured the exhibition. In addition, as Nicholas Lewis discovered
More info, In LN +, the women would sleep together, and the routine was very friendly between them: "Sometimes we organized a pajamas in some room, we were very close." "I'm sorry I did not understand anything that happened to him," Nicole said of Thelma's testimony.

"I dont think so [Darthés] Will be summoned again by the producer. I understand that we have to eliminate him from the medium, "added Gerees, who consulted Dartes with the rest of the team, saying:" In the years of
A duckling I have not heard any negative comments from him. "But he assures that despite Clare Rivero's complaint of harassment, he took a stand for her:" We must believe women. I never thought I was innocent. I had not seen him for many years. I took a stand. "

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