Saturday , January 16 2021

Millionaire's proposal by Juanfer Quintero that worries the fans of the River

He has lived it once in 2015 with Teo Guitérrez, when in the middle of the Libertadores Coupe began to pioneer Colombian pressure to be sold by the River. At the same time, the millionaire is concerned about the possibility Repeat this situation with Juan Fernando Kintaro.

The playwright was the great figure of Superpinal against Boca: he entered the second half, changed the face of the team and scored a goal that ended up being worth the Kiddush. The problem is, after his big game, there are some clubs that are interested in taking him away.

In recent days, a door has opened for Hanper to continue his career in Chinese football. While this does not mean evolution in sports, it will be in the economic aspect: they offer An annual contract of more than five million dollars.

The Argentinian team's position is clear: they have just signed a three-year contract with a 25-year-old soccer player and are not going to let him go for less than 22 million euros they set up in their finish section. The offer will be around $ 17 million.

In addition, with the departure of Pity Martinez to Atlanta United and the outstanding chance that the Palacios Exequiel follow his career in Real Madrid, the coaching team does not want to know anything to lose another player sets.

Then? Immediately after the end of the World Cup in the club, representatives of the former Porto They sit and try to negotiate with the leaders of the millionaire Analyze alternatives. A long summer novel is expected.

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